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Old 01-30-2013, 10:31 PM   #181
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ls1tech name: onesuperfastls1
paypal address: [email protected]
real name: justin williams
phone number: 843-701-2592

sent him $60 for a "walbro 255" and after two weeks never got it. continued to text him for two weeks because usps said that "my address isnt valid" which it is and continued to tell me he shipped it agian. he quit texting me and the fuel pump still hasnt arrived so im convinced its a scam. this should be enough info to save everyone else out here and other websites too.
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Old 03-05-2013, 01:36 PM   #182
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1. Daniel Oppermann AKA 99 PROBLEMS AKA [email protected]

2. $70, bought a 6 spd console plate in "good" condition. The one that arrived was heavily burned from cigarettes all over the left top/side, then he tried to sand it out. There are also LOTS of cracks around/through the cup holder, you can easily see light through it. Part was GROSSLY misrepresented. Part is trash.

3. His responses are in this thread:

He refuses to take responsibility for his misrepresenting a garbage part, and refuses to accept a return for refund claiming "all sales are final!". Naturally no where in the thread was this mentioned, and he conveniently deleted the thread.

I am currently awaiting paypal's claim resolution, if there is one.

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Old 04-02-2013, 11:50 AM   #183
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Default Rip-off Alert "Lamar Murphy" aka SS99Z51

Lamar sold me a set of "LS3" heads that he claimed were brand new GM castings. He was supposed to do some cleanup on the casting and some minor port work and install Lunati dual valve spring kit good for .600 lift. Also I was to receive a brand new LS3 cam and a custom ground cam to the specs I specified on a comp LSL lobe profile. I also ordered a new timing set from him.

I paid almost $1400 via paypal which he specified he wanted sent as a gift. I have never used that option and didnt know what it entailed. The heads showed up and turned out to be a rebuilt 823 and a 5364 head with the casting number ground off that one. He thought I was so stupid that I wouldn't realize there were two different castings. Definetly not "Brand new" gm castings. One head had the combustion chamber ground smooth. The other one wasnt touched. It came with cheap *** Procomp springs, not Lunati. The mating surfaces are dented up from careless handling in his shop.

The "new" LS3 cam had wear on the lobes indicating used as well...The custom cam he simply looked through a catalog and ordered the closest thing he could find he said. He claimed it was a Howards cam. It came from a place called PEP (Precision engine products) Definetly not a Comp LSL lobed cam. The specs werent what I specified at all, somewhat close but not what I ordered. The timing set never arrived. I got screwed hard by him.

He got pissed at me and acted like he did me a solid and gave me a hell of a deal and did me a huge favor. Not one thing was like it was advertised. I googled "Lamar Murphy Wichita Falls TX" and what do you know. He has scammed other people on corvette forums and im sure more. His alias on the corvette forum is BMFRC.

His original fix for this was to make a claim with FedEx for a damaged shipment because of the dented mating surfaces which he insured for $1000.00 Of course they will pay him the money. He wanted to keep my money, claim the Fedex $1000 and he told me to send him everything back!

He would be holding all the cards. The merchandise, my money and Fedex's claim money and I would have diddly dick to show.

He was supposed to give me a refund and only gave a partial and didnt even chip in for shipping. Then immediately disputed the refund through paypal mere hours later.

Paypal launched an investigation and came to my aid. Im getting a full refund after I ship all his "****" back. He still plans to scam Fedex for the $1000 and resell the heads.

Don't walk, RUUUUN away from this guy.

Anytime a supposed 58 yr old man calls you Bro and Dude way too much, you should think twice. Just throwing that out there.

He has stuff listed here in the classifieds now so watch out people.

M&M Motorsports
5501 Hooper DR.
Wichita Falls, TX 76306
Name Lamar Murphy
Email [email protected]

Link to the corvette forums scam :
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Old 04-19-2013, 02:29 PM   #184
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Default 408lq9 SCAM ARTIST....BUYER BEWARE!!!!

1.408lq9....Cory Green from Lousiana
2. Payed him via paypal for a set of front strange race brakes.
3. After 3 weeks of the run around I file a claim with paypal. He finally responds that there is a lien on the storage unit that the brakes are being stored at and that He will ship them the next day. Another week goes by after that and still no response. So I escalate my claim with paypal. He then pms me back stating he will refund my full amount. Yet another week passes and no funds get transferred.

4. I escalate my claim with pay pal and recieve my money 2 weeks after that. He since has not logged on Ls1Tech.

5. **** you Cory Green and nice try you stupid ****.
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Old 12-18-2013, 07:21 AM   #185
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this guy has scammed and tried to scam 3 of us........can somebody ban him?

I say the only way to safeguard yourself now is require a phone call first
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Old 03-03-2014, 02:43 AM   #186
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Originally Posted by MeangreenHD View Post

this guy has scammed and tried to scam 3 of us........can somebody ban him?

I say the only way to safeguard yourself now is require a phone call first
The scammers are getting sneaky..

Just saw this and the neg thread. Looks like someone trying to piggyback off my good status.

The old L vrs I swap
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Old 03-07-2014, 09:22 AM   #187
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Default James (Jim) Frank-DO NOT SELL/DEAL WITH

I sold him a set of Valve covers w/MSD billet coil brackets with 10an bung fittings welded in for breather/catch can as shown in listing

He purchased the the valve covers on 2/28/14. As soon as payment was received I went to pick up valve covers at my shop to ship. Once I got the I seen where someone had laid an exhaust pipe next to them and had lightly scatched the bottom of them. I then called Jim and explained to him what happened and he asked me to him picture text of the valve covers to see in which I did. After sending him the pictures (showing the 10an fittings clearly) I called him back and offered him a full refund before shipping if he wasnt satisfied. He said to continue with shipping he still wanted them. I boxed them up and shipped them that day paying $22 for shipping thru Goin Postal. After they shipped about 2 hours later they emailed me the tracking number and I immediately copied and pasted it to a text and sent it to Jim and told him they were shipped Fedex. He replied with a great, thanks. An hour later approximately he sends me this text: "If you have pms from guys that wanted them please send them my #, I had my head up my *** & didn't think about the fittings on them
Can't use em", which I did. That was friday...monday I get a text from a buyer where I had forgotten to take ad down as sold. So I gave him Jim's number and told him he wanted to sell due to that. That guy then texts me back saying valve covers should be back to me according to Jim because he stopped shipment...first I heard of it. I then check tracking and it showed it to be delievered Tuesday March 4th to Jim. I then checked my paypal and it showed an open dispute/claim of item not as described and my funds have been removed. So I then texted Jim numerous timed and received no response. I called him and he hung up without answering. I then called paypal explained the situation and provided a tracking number and they immediately closed the case saying buyers remorse is not covered and he lied due to the fact he hadnt even received the item yet restoring funds to my account. The next day another dispute was opened when I checked where he had appealed it. That day the tracking number showed it had been delievered and the package was left at the back door. I then called paypal again and they advised me a decision had to be made by them and to wait. So I tried once again to contact Jim in an effort to resolve the issue in a text with no response at all. The next day it showed package was on its way back to me with a new tracking number. So I then called paypal again advising them of what had happened and their response was that the buyer would receive a full refund, shipping and all once item was received again by me because he refused package which he obviously did not it was left at his back door and he took it back meaning he couldve opened it or done whatever he wanted which I explained to paypal to which their reply was Fedex will check it. So now I am awaiting the arrival of my valve covers hoping theyre not damaged and as soon as tracking numbers shows delivered per paypal he will receive his refund in full regardless of his lack of attention to detail and I would lose my shipping cost of $22 and gas spent to ship as well as time lost to other potential buyers. And if theyre damaged paypal said to contact them and they would see what they could do meaning if its the same as theyve done so far...nothing. I have told the buyer this is a sorry, low down way of doing business and I would never sell to him again if he was the last person to sell to. I feel I have been scammed due to a liar and tire kicker and this is completely rediculous when I went to the extremes I did as a seller to insure he would be satisfied. I posted this so that maybe someone else wont have to go thru weeks of your merchandise getting tied up as well as money and lose sale after sale due to someones lack of reading. Although I know it will happen again with someone else at least everyone is aware of one that will scam you and know to avoid them. If the buyer had responded I would have been more than willing to work with him in giving a refund but now that the events have taken place that have I wouldnt give him a thing in return if it was up to me. I just hope no one else has to go thru this headache of wasting their money and time over crap like this which is the only reason I post this, thanks.

I do not have his username on here...tried to find it if I do I will be sure to post it only have his name as he called and texted me.
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Old 09-27-2014, 06:29 PM   #188
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Old 04-08-2016, 10:45 AM   #189
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Default Dont Buy From Longrodlx (Wes Thaxton)

I purchased a set of ls7 heads from Longrodlx(Wes Thaxton),the add stated heads had never been fixed and were never damaged, just freshened up never dropped a valve and they were 10k mile take offs before new seats and valves were installed, got the heads and one chamber has different valves then the other 7, upon further inspection that chamber had been welded and repaired, theres weld splatter in the spark plug hole, i took em to a machine shop just to verify and he said they were definately welded, and damaged bad enough that the whole chamber had to be rebuilt. i contact seller about the issue said he didnt know they were damaged, and refused to refund me, i offered to ship back no charge. just refund the $ for heads, he still refused. Dont deal with this guy, he lied in the add, all pics he posted were of only one cyl head because he knew that the other one had been welded.
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Old 07-16-2016, 04:08 PM   #190
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Thumbs down Total crook!!Scammer

The guy Stephen Munoz, 70ChevelleLS of red oak tx sold me a fbody oil pan which he said was dirty. Funny how dirty it was where a large crack in the corner of the pan was.Also the package was supposed to include a windage tray and that was not sent either.170$ down the drain as this guy doesn't respond to txt messages.It has been 2 weeks and nothing.I gave him a chance to do the right thing.Now the world can know about this guys integrity.
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Old 07-19-2016, 12:59 AM   #191
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1. Seller 86_irocz-28, real name Stephen Daniel email [email protected]. Lincoln, NE
2. Purchased lower console, he messaged me through a referral, although he did have the item for sale on here.
3. After initial sale he kept giving me the runaround of getting it shipped out. Then he started ignoring me altogether. Original transaction of 06/17/16. Still haven't heard anything. Filed a report through the internet crimes division.

Item in question:

Apparently he does interior led lighting service on here as well. I would think twice about his services.
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Old 08-02-2016, 06:19 PM   #192
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Default A.P.D casey stevens/ bill anderson LQ9 Ripp off

A.P.D sold me an LQ9 engine for 900 dollars thru pay pal, he called me ans said they own a race shop and to save my 38 dollars and just send the money as a gift. and then i paid 589 shipping. when i received the engine, the motor is shot, rusty cylinder walls and 1" of sludge under the valve covers. Motor needs a complete rebuild. i send them pictures of the condition of the block. tried to be civil but no use.Very disappointing.
trying to contact them thru email and phone calls few times but heard nothing back.

1. Casey Stevens and Bill Anderson. 417 Stanley street, Crossville, TN 38555
931-200-3586 407-951-0410. email [email protected]
2.paid 900 plus 589 shipping for the motor.
3. paid for motor on 06/29. received on 07-15. contacted them few times before i posted.

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Old 04-11-2017, 02:28 PM   #193
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Name: Stephen Sherrill aka grifter757; Virginia Beach, VA

Transaction: Purchased a set of Manley wrist pins (PN 42218-8); $50 via PayPal (requested gift) on 2/22/17

Current Status: No further communication, no tracking number, no product; 50 days and counting.

Update: 5/15 - Received full refund, seller claims honest mistake - All is resolved.

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Old 01-09-2018, 10:01 AM   #194
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Username- 454Z06
Real name: Jason Anderson his wifes name (owner of paypal account where money went) Jennifer Brodzinski Anderson.
Paypal-email: [email protected]
Transaction: L33 engine and GTO oilpan total of 1250
State/City: Macungie, Pennsylvania
Status: Paypal is refunding me money

Lied many times about shipment,very bad in comunicating, gave fake fastenal tracking code (I called them to ask if it was legit) and tried to lie by saying his delivery guy messed up 5 shipments.

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