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1FasstWS6 02-07-2008 10:07 PM

Now the Fun begins!!
Well, I will be picking up a 02 Trans Am WS6 within the next few weeks and i need some help on a really nice engine/turbo/suspension/gearing setup. I was looking into a twin turbo setup.. But not sure as to which is the best route to go. Theres APS,STS,Speed Inc, etc etc.. I would like to hear what peoples thoughts on each and get me closer to 600whp, and have the mods to support it. Also what gauges do you guys run? I'm looking into a 3 gauge pillar with a boost gauge and 2 aeroforce gauges.


BOONE 02-08-2008 04:33 AM

First off welcome to the site!! Go to the Forced Induction forum and meet your life long brothers. Ask questions but do all the searching you can first, the people here are sort of touchy on questions that have not been well searched. If you go supercharger go with EPP, call them they have the cheapest prices and are knowledgeable and very helpful and nice. The supercharger setups are probably the most easy to work on and cheaper overall compared to turbo setups. If you are really stuck on a turbo then someone in the FI section will help you, just post your goals on hp and 1/4 mile numbers and they will help you, I'm not that much into them. Just remember price everything up, and then take that number times 2 or more and it will be approximate. Go to EPPs site, they have a section telling about everything you will need for a high hp forced induction setup of whatever type. Also read the stickies in the FI forum. This section is not the right place to ask anything past newb stuff. The FI experts are in the FI forum. I can tell you that Speed Inc stuff is the very best quality and workmanship always, and they have been in business for a long time, and could stand behind their product no Johnny come lately, they also are expert tuners. There is others too though. :D

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