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firebird/trans am stock speaker replacement?

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Old 10-08-2005, 11:48 PM   #1
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Default firebird/trans am stock speaker replacement

well this stock speakers in the bird bit the dust.....i have the monsoon system in it and im lookin for a good replacement....the stock ones knocked nicely and looking for another to do the not lookin to get like amps and what not just ones that are just as good or somewhat better....anyone know any good ones
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Here's my 2 worth... I still have the stock Mansoon speakers in my car. (I've only had it 2 months now.) The front speakers are fine. The passenger rear speaker is blown, the driver's side is dead. The passenger hatch speaker is fine, the driver's side is MISSING! I had a 2002 Firebird before and was always happy with the stock system, so I'm leaning towards stock replacements. (I'm sure you guys will let us know WHY this is the wrong choice!)

From 2000BlkCamaroSS:
The monsoon speaker sizes are: front door - 6.5" or 6.5S", back seat - 6.5", rear hatch - 4".

The stock HU runs at 4 ohms and powers the front door tweeters and the rear hatch tweeters/mids.

The stock amp located next to the spare tire runs at 2 ohms and powers the midbass for the front door speakers and the back seat speakers.

The reason aftermarket speakers don't sound as good as the stock speakers while connected to the stock deck and amp is because most aftermarket speakers run at 4 ohms. Most people that want to run subs in the rear hatch area and also want to replace the back seat speakers may want to do something different than the way the stock speakers are set up. The way to do this is to pull the wires from the back hatch and plug them into the tweeter on the 3-way in the back seat and plug the midbass wires to the midbass terminal on the speaker.
Here's what I've found in my search for stock replacements:

Order from They seem to have the best prices, but I haven't checked on their shipping.

199?-2002 (Coupe)
6.5" front door speakers: P/N 9361859 for left and 9361869 for right (Not Verified)

6" DVC sail panel subs: P/N 9365799 $32.00 (Verified from my 2001 Formula)

4" rear hatch speakers: P/N 16259011 $10.44 (Verified from my 2001 Formula)

From WhiteBird00:
1999-2002 (These were listed for the Convertible)
Right front: 9361859 LIST: $79.80 OUR PRICE: $39.90
Left front: 9361869 LIST: $79.80 OUR PRICE: $39.90
Rears: 16257961 GM LIST: $90.00 OUR PRICE: $45.00

1998 (These were listed for the Convertible)
Front left: 9361929 GM LIST: $79.07 OUR PRICE: $39.54
Front right: 9361919 GM LIST: GM LIST: $78.14 OUR PRICE: $39.07
Rear: 16220771 GM LIST: $70.56 OUR PRICE: $35.28
The 98 speakers are listed as coax for the doors and thin coax for the rear under option code U62 (check for the option code on the driver's door sticker).

cassette head unit: P/N 9393372 GM LIST: $522.52 OUR PRICE: $261.26
cd head unit: P/N ????

From Ouija:
rear cd changer - 12 disc: P/N 12495743 GM LIST: $795.67 OUR PRICE: $397.83 (Origionally in a LT1, but works in my 2000 TA)
From WhiteBird00:
Power antenna: P/N 10402860 GM LIST: $143.52 OUR PRICE: $71.76
(P/N 10402859 is suppose to be fore the Camaro. It's a few dollars more, don't know why.) GM LIST: $149.28 OUR PRICE: $74.64


[Quote]Alpine SPS-1005 Tweeters
Alpine SPS-170A 6 1/2's

Try the new Infinity Referance speakers also. They are a 2 Ohm design too.

I just saw those. They should work pretty good right?
Power Handling, RMS: 75 Watts
Power Handling, Peak: 225 Watts
Sensitivity: 94dB
Frequency Response: 45Hz - 25kHz
Mounting Depth: 2-3/16"
Impedance: 2 Ohms[?Quote]

Sail Panel (Back Seat):

Have you considered the ones Rogue Leader recommended?
Rockford Fosgate RFP4406 6.5" Subs. $121.00/pair shipped ($42.00/each + shipping)
18 Available Here:
Ordered, received, and installed mine last week. Direct replacement, sound great.
Hope this helps!


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2001 Firebird Formula
Purchased 8/19/2005

6 Speed (M6)
Ram Air Hood (Dealer Installed)
Ram Air Box (Dealer Installed)
K&N Air Filter
CAGS Eliminator
DRL Disable

Black on Black
No T-Tops
GM Factory Bra
Pilot Motorsports Shiftknob
Pilot Motorsports Pedal Covers

"My old lady left me and took my Firebird the other day. Damn, I miss that car!"

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I probably would have gone with Image Dynamics CSX62's if I hadn't already ordered the Alpine SPS-170A's. The Infinity KAPPA 62.7i coax or 60.7cs components look like a good fit, also. But to use in the stock configuration, I think the fact that the CSX62's have a 4ohm tweeter/2ohm woofer (the same as stock), it gets the nod over the Infinity choices (2ohm tweeter/2ohm woofer).
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Old 10-09-2005, 11:02 PM   #4
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Well i recently replaced all my speakers and here was my combo
Front door speakers i went with the JL XR Series with tweters and crossovers Speakers fit in the door with the stock covers over them

Then for the sail panel speakers i used the JL 6W0s which seem to have alot more bass than stock (if you do upgrade these go ahead and put in some poly-fil or something been meaning to just havent)

then in the back i just left the 4 inch stock speakers and tweeters

All this was ran through the stock monsoon head unit using the stock amp also Sounds way better than stock, it didnt give me all the bass i was wanting but definately more than stock

let me know if you wanna see some pics ill post them up
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Old 10-11-2005, 06:35 AM   #5
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My front two are pretty much blown, but the back ones are still okay. If I get two new speakers for the front, will I have to do any rewiring? Can I use the stock monsoon amp? Or would my best bet just to be getting some new monsoons from above links or ebay?
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Old 10-11-2005, 12:11 PM   #6
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I replaced my speakers with the Audiobahn ABC600T components in both front and rear. I put the rear crossovers under the plastic interior pieces and the fronts are just sitting in the door pockets for now. I mounted the rear tweeters just above the subs and used self tapping screws with the provided mounts. I haven't gotten my Pioneer DEH-P860MP yet, but it should be here in a day or two. I'll take pics of the setup when I finally get it all sorted out and working.
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The only wiring was putting connectors on the wires to fit new speakers(the stock ones have a connector that just plug in)

for the rear subs just use the long wires and dont hook up the short wires( you will understand when you see it) all mine goes through the stock monsoon amp and stereo sounds 10 times better than stock. I tried running the tweeters through the crossovers and that didnt work though so just run the 6 1/2s in the front through crossovers if you use crossovers.

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Originally Posted by contemptor
My front two are pretty much blown, but the back ones are still okay. If I get two new speakers for the front, will I have to do any rewiring? Can I use the stock monsoon amp? Or would my best bet just to be getting some new monsoons from above links or ebay?
Yes. The stickies tell you how replace the door speakers while keeping the rest of the Monsoon System (actually they should have named it the 'Blownsoon' Stereo System - lol). There is a different thread for Firebirds and Camaros, as the door speakers are different. Firebird door speakers are true components, with the tweeter mounted seperately from the midbass. Whereas, Camaros have a coaxial mounted speaker, but the tweeter and midbass is wired like components.

I replaced my door speakers a couple of weeks ago with the Alpine SPS-170A's per the sticky. They sound noticeably better than stock.
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Hi All,

So I've got a 98 Trans Am with a Monsoon head unit. I'm going to replace the head unit at some point. I'm just not there yet. I'd like the radio controls on the steering wheel to control the head unit. If anyone has advice on that, I'm all ears. Anyway, I'm looking to replace the sail speakers along with the speakers in the door. Now that it's 2016, can someone recommend some good speakers that are being made today? Both of the sail subs are blown, and the sub and tweeter in the doors sound like hell. Any suggestions with product names would be great.
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Kee Audio and DoubleD Mods are both sponsors with packages available for good prices.
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+1 for Kee Audio. I ordered one of those setups. They fit great and sound perfect. Great pricing too. I'm eyeballing Double D mods now to do the double din upgrade on my car. I really want bluetooth and the ability to connect my iPod, add a back-up cam, possibly add XM radio, etc.
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