C7 Corvette Z06 to Debut at Detroit Auto Show

You’ve seen the leaked photos of the supercharged motor that’s rumored to power the upcoming 2015 C7 Z06, but have you seen the leaked teaser photo of the car itself? If the actual Z06 looks anything like this, it’s going to be amazing. If it’s as fast as GM says it will be, well, it’s […] More »

  Comments | By - December 9, 2013

2014 Chevrolet SS: First Look With Performance Figures

OK, so it’s only a first look, but we’ll take what we can get with the new SS because it’s going to be badass. Why with four doors, an LS3 under the hood making 415 hp/415 lb-ft and backed by a six-speed automatic with standard paddle shifters and a 3.27:1 final drive, it’s a seriously […] More »

  Comments | By - December 7, 2013

LSX Colorado Performs “Itty Bitty” Burnout

After checking out that awesome Cheyenne concept, I’ve been REALLY wanting an LSX powered Colorado. It’s not like it’d be as put together as the concept—that’d be like comparing a 3rd gen camaro to the new Z/28—but it would probably be more fun. Watch the Video on the Forum Here!

  Comments | By - December 6, 2013

Engine Leak: Is This The Z06 Corvette Stingray’s Engine?

What you’re looking at is, more than likely, the new engine that’ll be dropped in to the Z06 Corvette Stingray. If you look closely, you’ll notice a little pulley right by the throttle body. I think you all know what that means. The picture was leaked by GM High Tech Performance Magazine on facebook and […] More »

  Comments | By - December 6, 2013

LS3 + Novi 2200 + Corvette = 8-second Passes and 900 WHP

And this, my friends, is how it’s done: Simple but effective mods for 8-second passes. The AMS-built 2008 Corvette sports an HKE 416CI motor with a Paxton 2200 blower that’s good for 931 HP at the wheels and 8.92 @ 151.49 MPH! LS motors really are a wonder. And to think that just a few […] More »

  Comments | By - December 5, 2013

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