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How do you take care of the ABS coming on with bigger rear tires?

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Default How do you take care of the ABS coming on with bigger rear tires?

I have 26in ET streets in the back and when i go down the 1/4 the cars ABS is not letting me stop too quickly. I know its sensing the front skinnies 15x4s going faster due to diameter differences. How can i eliminate this atleast for the track? For the street I drive down the road and the Ebrake,ABS,TCS lights all come on and then I have regular brakes with no ABS interuption. At the track i obviously have to turn the car off then on and it resets it. So when I get to the end and hit the brakes the car pretty much keeps on goin. Now i tried the putting the Ebrake up one click and I thought that wasn't supposed to let your ABS work but it still did it. Please help me stop before I go off the deep end thanks!!
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Default Re: How do you take care of the ABS coming on with bigger rear tires?

Check your owners manual because I cant remember which ones at the moment.When I run my big and littles I take the maxifuses under the hood out for the abs power.It reverts the car to normal braking.Youll just have the abs brake lights on the dash lit up but it doesnt hurt anything.
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