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Today 04:45 PM

I'm curious so I will phase this as best I can. We will say car X has a cam, headers and 2 inch true dual exhaust. Car has been tuned with a 12.5 WOT air fuel. Then a 3 inch exhaust has been...
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By: AndyTA
Today 04:45 PM

I've always thought that the main issue of running too much pump isn't a lack of pressure, but too much pressure, obviously. Too much pressure will cause excessive blowby - causing other long term...
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Today 04:43 PM

Can you swap them for a set of 317 heads ? those 873's are the iron head version of the 317's I believe Or for a little more compression get some 243/799 heads
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Today 04:40 PM

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Today 04:35 PM

You can get them for less, You can get this for $2679.25 if you join team tick and tick performance. 550-622 Terminator LS MPFI Kit 1997-2007 4.8/5.3/6.0 Truck Engines with 24x crank reluctor - with...
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Today 04:23 PM

Chased false knock on a build recently and it ended up being the transmission was chewing itself up and the knock sensors were picking it up. Hopefully your issue is nothing like mine was.
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Today 04:21 PM

All measures are taken with micrometer. I rounded up little when converted measurements to inches. I live in Europe so exact results are in millimeters. Pistons: 98,97 - 98,99mm Cylinder bores:...
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Today 04:18 PM

Should be an adventure. Last couple boxes arrive Wed/Thurs so hopefully make some progress over the weekend and next week.
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Today 04:18 PM

What compression is that at? Gotta be close to 11:1 if you have LQ9 pistons w/243's.
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Today 04:16 PM

definitely vacuum leak. Either intake wasn't torque, gasket is bad, or 1 of the vacuum lines on the back of the manifold or side is loose/missing/cracked.
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Today 04:13 PM

Extremely minimal shift effort. Butter smooth engagement. Shifts as fast as you can move the lever into gear even at 7200 rpm. With the stock length shift lever it took one finger to move the...
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Today 04:10 PM

I was driving to the gas station and the car died on me. Started back up, got gas and it was fine. Afterwards I drove around and noticed the vehicle was idling a little low. I drove to the in-laws...
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Today 04:07 PM

Are you wanting to open your ring gap to run a larger shot or just as piece of mind? Would the addition of C16 raise or lower temps in the combustion chamber?
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Today 04:06 PM

If you can manage to shove it in the that engine should scream. Let me know how the install goes.
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Today 04:06 PM

500whp boosted makes WAY more torque than 500whp NA. Why is this even a discussion? A stock LS1 with a turbo will do 500whp and 500ftlbs on low boost. Last time I checked 500whp NA MIGHT make...
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Today 04:06 PM

True I am looking at it on my phone with 25 percent brightness to save battery. I never charge my laptop. All I noticed was the table and wall appear similar. Plus one on the price needed
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Today 04:03 PM

I would actually start by double checking u don't need a slave shim. Cheapest solution but the most work involved. 6500 rpms is about the max i think u can do with a single disc clutch. Twin disk the...
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Today 04:02 PM

Welcome to LS1Tech!
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Today 03:58 PM

got one thanx.
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Today 03:57 PM

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