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New Z28, finally time?

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Old 06-05-2006, 12:49 PM   #1
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Default New Z28, finally time?

I looked at a Z28 today at a dealer on W. Colonial in Orlando, and I was wondering if anyone knows of some nice respectable shops around there to get the car checked out (or if Courtesy Chevrolet is good enough to check out the car for you, and not scam you...). I want to take it out tomorrow and test drive it and get it checked out, hopefully.

Any help is greatly apperciated. I'm getting pretty excited... haha.

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I can't help you with a shop in that area.

But I can offer you this general piece of advise. That dealership wants that car sold. They will tell you anything to get their cars sold. And that goes for any dealership, or car lot period.

That's like this: Hey does that Z28 run good? Can you check it for me? They do just that and tell you that everything is okay.

You buy it, then run down to a different shop and they inspect. Suddenly it's apparent that the dealership "skipped" over some slight issues and never marked it up in there report. And your suspension is about to fall apart.

It's all in the thought of getting there profits back.

Good luck.
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Yeah I know not to trust their word alone much. I was wondering mainly if anyone knew much about that one in particular. I did hunt down an old buddy of mine (he owns an A4 Z28, and his dad races f-bodies), he said he'd gladly look it over, and that he's got the whole shebang in his garage. I'll see if the dealership is willing to let me have it for a while.

They've got $12,960 on the sticker, which happens to be the KBB value for excellent. It's not excellent, but it's not bad. I'll throw 10,500 on the table, and see what happens.
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What's the year and mileage?
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