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fuel gauge sender

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Default again...re: fuel gauge sender...

ok i got a question. last week i posted that my fuel gauge wasnt working and concluded that it was probably the sender in the gas tank. well today, the fuel gauge actually started moving, but its still not accurate (right now, it shows just more than 3/4 full, but i have 160 miles which means im about at 1/2 tank,or maybe a bit less). it is moving though, does this mean its the sender or the actual gauge? is there any way to test them, without replacing them? just wondering, thanks for any help!
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same thing that happens to my car....put the car in neutral and rock it you'll see the guage go up and down I think that the floatation device in the tank just came off somehow ...like I said in your other post it'll start working correctly, it did in my case

P.S. the closer you come to an empty tank you'll see the gauge bounce from one end to the other
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