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Bent driveshaft???

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Default Re: Bent driveshaft???

If you can see a large deviation as the drive shaft turns it's most likely bent. that would also fit the creaking sound of a u-joint pushed beond it's working angle. I've never dropped a rear with d/s attached ,got to be where your problem started. Also make sure every thing else is installed properly . Good luck! [Wink]
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Default Bent driveshaft???

Just did a clutch and 12 bolt install and now I have a 'creaking' sound and vibration when the car is moving. I put the car up on stands and spun the driveshaft. It creaks and appears tp be bent or out of line. Could we have bent it when we dropped the rear with it still attached? It and the shocks were the last two things we took off. I have a denny's waiting to put on but moser sent the wrong yoke so I gotta wait a few days. I'd like to get some miles on the car so it's broke in sooner for the track.
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