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Generation III Internal Engine
1997-2006 LS1 | LS6
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Powerband 110 lsa vs 112

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Default Powerband 110 lsa vs 112

On an identical cam, about how much would the powerband or peak power move with a 110 vs 112 lsa?

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Default Re: Powerband 110 lsa vs 112

I'd say peak HP with the 110 LSA would be at least 200 rpms lower than the 112 LSA camshaft.
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Default Re: Powerband 110 lsa vs 112

I respectfully disagree with PSJ. I feel that once you start getting toward 110 LSA, you're not going to see a 200 rpm drop in peak power. Maybe 50-100 rpms.

If that logic were true, a 222/222 cam would peak like this:
114 LSA: 6400 rpms
112 LSA: 6200 rpms
110 LSA: 6000 rpms
108 LSA: 5800 rpms
106 LSA: 5600 rpms
I really don't think it's 100 rpms per 1 degree loss of lobe separation angle. Most LSAs on carbureted motor cams fall around 106. A 222/222 106 LSA cam is not going to peak at 5600 rpms in my opinion...probably more like 6000 rpms.

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Default Re: Powerband 110 lsa vs 112

actually depending on the cam timing events in relation to the motor it may not change the peak points at all. What it will do is change the shape of the curve though. So you may have the same tq and hp peaks, but what happens in between may look entirely different.

Then you get into exhaust setups. Open headers respond better to tighter LSA's. Rod/stroke ratios will effect what LSA works better. It goes on and on.

Sorry, but it is a really in depth subject.
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Default Re: Powerband 110 lsa vs 112

Patrick... I don't know which carb motor cams you've been looking at, but 106 is a pretty damn tight lobe sep. Most of your average SBC weekend warrior type of cams are ground on anything from a 110 lobe sep to 114.

Sure, once you sart getting into the SERIOUS cams (7500+ RPM mechanical rollers) you'll start seeing 106-108 degree lobe seps, but most of the streetable cams are ground wider than that.
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