View Full Version : 96 T/A fans dont kick on. Only with AC on.

06-13-2009, 11:17 AM
My grandmothers (i know kind of funny) 96 T/A has 40,200 miles on it. She bought it new. The fans dont kick on unless I turn the AC on. All 3 fan relays tested good. The fans obviously work since they kick on when the AC is turned on and the temp goes back down to 180-190 like it should. With out the AC on it will go all the way over into the red.

Any ideas? :bang:

06-13-2009, 07:16 PM
How long does it take to go into the red with the A/C off? What kind of driving are you talking about with the A/C off when it goes into the red? Or will that happen just sitting idling with the A/C off?

This may sound like a dumb question, but when the "temp guage" goes towards the red the engine actually getting hot? Can you keep your hand on the intake without burning your hand.

A bad "coolant temp sensor" can cause the temp guage to do weird shit, but it doesn't mean the coolant is actually getting hot.

Or...if the temp sensor is bad it can actually get hot and it won't turn the fans on.....and then a cycle starts where the t-stat can't keep up and will slowly start to NOT close fully, then it will stay full open...then you will over heat.


06-14-2009, 08:41 AM
Do you have access to a scanner that can read coolant temperature from the OBDII port? I would do that and confirm that the PCM is seeing a similar temperature to what is showing on the dash gauge. Keep in mind the gauge and the PCM each have their own temp sensor.