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11-25-2009, 08:31 AM

I posted this in some other sections; I don't know why I didn't post it here before now...

The Dual Flash PCM is an exciting advance in the Generation III tuning arsenal based on the Dual Flash boards from OmniTuner. We all know how incredibly capable these factory PCMs are at controlling all types of setups (with custom MAF, 1, 2, and 3 bar operating systems) and now with the ability to store and use TWO COMPELTELY separate calibration files that are chosen at the flip of a switch by the driver, they are stepping into territory that even standalone controllers do not tread through.

We open up good, tested, core PCMs and remove the surface-mount flash memory chip. It is replaced by a board header and a custom board (made by Digital Inflection Corporation) that has TWO flash chips already installed. The switching (or tune selection) is accomplished very easily. We assign an unused PCM pin to carry the switch circuit to the board. Included with the PCM is either a harness terminal or a pre-terminated wire that simply plugs into an un-used hole in the PCM's harness. With the car off, if this wire is grounded, one calibration is selected. If the ground is opened up (floating), the PCM will boot with the second calibration loaded. The finished PCMs are thoroughly tested.

Outside boxes and 'trickery' for nitrous and boost tuning are a thing of the past. Their reliability pales in comparison to the proven technology of our PCMs, and we have made them better. Some obvious applications include:

Nitrous tuning:
Run a peak N/A tune and then switch over to your nitrous calibration. Run a single stage of nitrous on one calibration and two stages of nitrous with race fuel on the second flash. This is a very useful application because as many of you may already know, to keep cars shifting in the same place with added nitrous often includes lowering commanded shift points. These shift points now work with nitrous, but cause the car to shift too early N/A. There are many more possibilities and combinations.

Boost tuning:
Run a 'street' or pump-gas tune in one calibration, flip your switch and get a more aggressive AFR and spark map for use with race fuel. Turbo cars can use the switch to not only switch tunes, but to also switch MAP sensors. Run a safe 2bar tune with optimal VE resolution on pump gas; flip the switch and change over to a 3bar MAP sensor and tune for higher boost at the track. Again, the track (or "all-out") tune could contain a more aggressive timing, shifting, and AFR schedule.

Economy tuning:
Use the second flash chip to switch to "economy mode" for fuel savings for trips or for alternate fuels such as E85!

These PCMs will sell for $475 without core exchange. If sending back a working PCM, a $100 core charge will be refunded. That is correct, these units are $375 with exchange (or to convert your current PCM). They also include a pre-terminated and soldered Micro Pack 100w terminal that clicks right into your PCM harness with 10' of automotive (TXL) wire to run to your selector switch. If you already have a solid tune, but like the idea, we can move your tune over to both of the boards. You can take your car to your tuner, select the second side, and have him reprogram it. In some cases, the programming changes can be done here on the bench for an additional fee. This is available for [512K and 1M PCMs] 99-02 Fbodies, 99-04 Vettes, 04 GTO, 04-05 CTS V, and most GenIII based trucks. For any inquiries, please use the contact form on my website ( or send me a PM.


12-27-2009, 04:14 PM
Very nice item might give you guys a call to try one out.

Schwanke Engines
01-12-2010, 01:32 PM
that's pretty cool Steve, I am going to have to find a good use for this!!!!