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06-05-2010, 01:27 AM
hello everyone, I've quietly been reading everyones projects and learning allong the way. Well I started a 2000 miata ls1 swap a couple months ago but since I'm in California, I just keep thinking its not going to be worth the hasttle if it isn't a legal swap, I should have gone with the 240z:bang:, well now I'm I have a dilema since nobody wants to buy the miata and I have two ls1's sitting outside. I have 2 69 firebirds needing resto one is a convertible and I was wondering if you had a choice of keeping both birds or one firebird and the miata what would you choose? I kinda felt putting the ls1/t56 combo was a waste on the convertible but maybe I'm wrong? Well let me know what you think? or if someone wants a 2000 miata for $1k let me know. Thanks

06-05-2010, 02:10 AM
Yeah.. making it smog legal is a PITA.. but it can be done....

But it would be much easier to stick them in the Firebirds, there are a lot of kits and easy conversion from basic swap to what every your pocket book can afford... I don't see it as a waste to use the T56 in one.. but that is your choice..

Is the Miata running and what condition is it in?...

06-05-2010, 02:30 AM
not running, it was when I bought it actually only had 76k miles on it but I the crazy itch to put an ls1 after seeing people doing it and now I realized its nearly (not completely) impossible, I've spoken to 2 referees and local swap people and all agree it would be way too much work and mula. I can weld and stuff like that but physically the stock 04 gto manifolds wont fit. anyway I sold the drivetrain and basically now just have the body, added the 8.8 and rear axles from FFR, have extra front crossmember I was gonna fab up but now i'm just in limbo, don't know if I should just finish it and enjoy it for a while and then make it autox car or what. I think I messed up getting the 04 LS1 becuase the F-body manifolds might have worked. and the second LS1 is a 99 so that wont work either. Well probably try craigslist again on the miata.

06-05-2010, 05:56 AM
Talk to some of the guys on the silviav8forum, I know a few of them did it. I've done some PCM's for them and they can't have some of the emissions turned off or it will not pass