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08-27-2011, 05:48 PM
First off my uncle has a 98 Z that has the works...headers, cam, exhaust, etc. The car has 108k miles on it but the motor only has 35k and the transmission has 6k, he recently got this car for my younger cousin but come to find out its too much power for my 17 yr old cousin and he cnt really drive a stick that well either. Anyway he ask me if i knew anybody that wants it and I started thinking that maybe i could trade and throw him a couple bones. My car is completely stock also 98 Z with 148k on it i kno my car is reliable, So my question is should i trade, yes im getting a great deal but with other ppls mods you never know what your getting and this would be my DD. Just want some suggestions from ppl that kno a lot about cars and mods. His car probably has over $30k worth of work done to it and i kno the guy my uncle got it from and hes a certified technician (Knows what he is doing). So should i do or not

Heres a pic of the car 002_n.jpg

08-27-2011, 10:47 PM
Photo didn't work for me fyi, maybe it's my connection. Anyway it's your uncle right? He'll help you out if it does have problems, or he's not that kinda uncle? A good thing to know in my opinion would be what cam is in there and if he built it for daily use or a strip car only?

08-27-2011, 11:15 PM
I fixed the photo it should work now. Yeah my uncle would help me if anything happened to it, but the way the car looks inside and out looks like it has been taken good care of. I dont know about the cam that seems to be the big question, I can tell u this it is very choppy. It has never been took to the track either so i dnt think he was building it for that purpose or the guy wouldnt have sold it. I drove it today and its got hell of power and would take some time to get use to especially in low gears. That 1st gear is a bitch almost have to start out in 2nd or keep featherin the clutch to keep from boggin down. Is that normal? Bc i drove my buds T/A and it didnt seem to have that problem but it didnt have that power either u know.