View Full Version : advice on two setups

10-14-2011, 02:28 AM
so i have two setups in mind and i want to pull the trigger on one. FI is new to me so im looking to the experts and expirenced here for advice. currently my car is 01 ss ls1 with lid, 85mm tb, bbk ssi intake, bbk lt's with a cutout and corsa catback. full suspension.

so heres the two setups first is a sts rear mount turbo, would be getting the basic kit and the upgrade to the intercooler kit, i know about the oil problem and would be getting the mocal pump and doing the restrictor. although i would hate to take off the bbk lt's i just put on a mere week ago (stock manifolds wrapped to contain heat is higly recommended and makes turbo spool faster). with this setup i would also get better springs, rods and rockers and a high flow oil pump.

setup two
recently found a magnuson mp112 supercharger (roots style) kit that fits under ss hood with minimal mod to hood. with this i would be getting new rods and springs and maybe new rockers as well. id get to keep my bbk long tubes but id have to get rid of my bbk ssi intake, which was put on at time of headers, a week ago. w/e lose some win some.

im leaning more in the direction of the supercharger ive heard alot of things about sts failing and breaking and frankly the supercharger install just seems easier. stock bottem end for both setups and stock heads/cam. will do heads cam later. thanks for reading a long post and i really need advice. thanks