View Full Version : 1998 LS1/T56 her name is cammie

12-01-2011, 01:18 AM
Hello gents, ay name is Evan, my new cars name cammie.

HER story, she was bought in 98 by a owner of a chevy dealer in southern illinois. then she was purchased in 09 from a 19 year old, in saint clair illinois. drove very hard for bout two years and she began to make a lovely noise in her heart. So three weeks ago i went to check on her. and she was in decent shape. but making a noise in her top half. ended u pbuying her and driving her an hour then she let loose. broke a rod right in half. what happened. ring land split, and threw it in the cylinder and just ate up everything. to the point of taking the block and oil pan with it. so now to rebuild. I got everthing all torn apart. so here are some pics