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03-16-2012, 06:39 PM
I just bought a used Torsen differential that is supposedly out of an '02 Camaro. I disassembled it, and I found some wear on the thrust block/paddle and the side gears.

I decided to buff the worn surfaces down with an 80-grit sandpaper flap-wheel, then I lapped them with some fine valve lapping compound.

All of the worm gears look fine, as well as the teeth on the side gears, and I'm going to replace the bolts that hold the unit together with new bolts and washers from the Caterpillar dealer.


1.Do the gears/paddle look okay to use?

2. How can I tell if the unit is a T1 or a T2? The numbers stamped on the housing are: 9022 01X00901

About the pictures: First is the unit as I received it, second is the paddle as I received it with the wear, third is the wear on the side gears, and the fourth and fifth pictures are the paddle and side gears after being buffed.
I'm sorry about the picture quality, I took them with my phone; it's the only camera I've got.

Thank you.

03-17-2012, 12:31 AM
Side gears look fine, and there are only two pics showing up.

03-17-2012, 04:34 PM
Side gears look fine, and there are only two pics showing up.

That's weird, I can see all of them. Try this, it's the paddle buffed out, and the whole assembly as I received it:

Big Al
03-17-2012, 04:54 PM
That's weird, I can see all of them.

So can I.

Al 95 Z28

03-18-2012, 12:06 AM
I can see them now, they all look fine to me.

03-18-2012, 10:41 PM
That's good to hear!

Now can someone tell me what the trick is to putting this thing back together?
I can only get one set of worm gears in at a time.
Below is a picture of the unit when I first took the side cover off, showing the orientation of everything. I tried taking the side gear out by itself, but everything came out as one bunch.

Is that how I will have to put it back in, or is there a special procedure?

03-24-2012, 02:34 PM
Okay, I finally figured out how to put this thing together; I had to put all the gears together outside of the case with a spacer between the side-gears, then slide the housing on over that.

Question: What's the torque spec for the four bolts that hold the side cover on?