View Full Version : VATS - BCM question - 95 z28

03-30-2012, 02:56 AM
I've spent the last 3 weeks researching a possible VATS/BCM issues causing the car to turn over but die immediately. (I can't read the codes due to no one I know having the ability to read and ODB I computer with an ODB II Connector) And the dash lights will not turn on when the key is in the ON position so I can't check the code the 'manual' way.

I'm will be rechecking the grounds and wires to see if maybe I missed a broken wire...

I've already bybassed the resister on the key by measuring the resistor value of my key and splicing in the appropriate resistor.

I am the lucky owner of two 1995 Camaro Z28s.. one with the possible VATS issue, one that needs a full rebuild of the engine.

My question is, could I take the BCM/VATS modules from one Camaro, and move it to the other... from what I have determined, I would need to possibly change the resistor I have in the steering column to match the other BCM. is there anything else I should check/change?

Ultimately I will be having the PCM reprogrammed to delete the VATS, however I will do that at the same time I have it reprogrammed with all the other engine changes I've made ;) why reprogram it twice right! Right now, the weather is great, tires are new, and I want to enjoy both of them at 90+mph :devil:

Thank you in advance

04-07-2012, 03:05 AM
Just an update...

I figured out my issue... ends up that it was not VATS, issue was the Ignition Switch burned out.

4 weeks, alot of replaced parts, a large headache, and ultimately a $30 part was all that was needed to resolve this. Granted, removing the steering column was "exciting" ;)

btw. bypass for the Resistor Key works like a charm.

ran into a few 'extra' pieces putting the column back together, and this site saved me! :D