View Full Version : 402 Goat versus '09 CTS-V and 335i (no vids)

Sticks n Stones
04-09-2012, 08:10 PM
Sorry for no videos, I somehow lost my camcorder. And it's technically "the wifes" so I'm in the dog house now... Had 2 good random races in 3 days: the CTS-V and a tuned 335i.

CTS-V: (edited my 4 paragraphs down!) 5am on a side freeway on sunday, no other cars in sight. He pulled a ricer fly by, we did a 80-0 brake test on each other on the off ramp (he won by a car length damnit... I had too much nose dive) then we ran a few times: best was 15-120 with him taking a good hit on me-- luckily he spun 2nd pretty good and negated alot of his jump. I passed him at the 2/3 shift at aprx. 85mph. I was pulling steady on him the whole time, and his shifts made his car sound like a damned automatic, esp the 1-2. We ran twice more, he did really good until he got out of 2nd gear then my pulls became undeniable.

Wanted to post this up yesterday but was hoping for pics of his car as he works at the Boeing plant that I am working at for the next week. No luck yet, I've only checked about 15,000 cars so far for his... another 10,000 to go.

First gen 335i: mentioned this race already in someone else's thread, guy instigated the race then wouldn't line up, just kept punching it and I would reel him in. Every time he went WOT he would push out a good amount of black smoke, combined with the fact his car was pretty damned quick for having 3 adult males in it so I assumed he is tuned.

Only halfway decent run we got was when he turns right and goes WOT when I havent even started making my right hand turn from the red light. Gets a dozen+ cars out on me, I finally get straight and WOT and shrink that lead more then in half by 100mph where we both let up. Next light is freeway onramp where he is heading (I'm on lunch break so can't follow). I hop into the right turn lane and get next to him, roll my window down to give him kudos and ask mods but I get this derisive dismissive instead: "It's still just a GTO" then his window goes back up. Guess he was paying as close attention to my closing rate on him as I was.