View Full Version : 18" tire around 27.8" tall and fit 11" wide wheel?

04-21-2012, 11:06 PM
Anyone know of what the closest 18" tire that will fit a 11" wide wheel that is around 27.8" tall. I just got a set of 15" Weld RT-S for the drag strip with a 295/55/15 (28x12.50r15) Mickey Thompson ET Street Radials which are 27.8" tall. I have 18" CCW's for the street. My rear rims are 18x11's and I'm trying to find the closest height to 27.8" so the tune will be the same for tire size on the street and the drag strip. The only tire that I have have found is the Nitto NT555R in a 305/40r18 which is 27.72" tall. Is there any other 305 tire or even a 295 tire that is around 27.8" tall. I have a 305/35r18 on it now with the stock spring but with the heater hose mod and if I hit a good dip in the road the fender comes down and hits the tire. It doesn't cut it at all but it does hit and you can somewhat tell where it did so that's why I asking about a 295 tire. Thanks for the help or suggestions.

04-22-2012, 09:56 AM
I think 305/40/18 is going to be the closest.