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05-09-2012, 10:47 PM
Hello everyone, new guy here. Name's Ben, I've used this site as a resource for a while and finally decided to join the community. A little about myself... I'm definitely a gear head as im sure most of you are. I made cars my carrer and full time hobby. Im an automotive electronics tech and fabricator by trade, been doing that for a little over 14 years. I also teamed up with a couple friends and formed Killshot Performance here in Ga.

I've read quite a bit of the threads on here and I like the friendly nature of the site. Most of you encourage the newer guys and offer advise instead of harsh critisism. That is mostly why I decided to join.;)

As far as my personal car, I'm in the process of building an 83 S10 with a 5.3L swap and twin turbos. Actually about 2 1/2 years into that build lol but its almost done. I'll probably post a build thread pretty soon. I look forward to getting some advise from you guys on it. Anyways , glad to be here!

This is what the truck looked like the day I got it, rescued from some woods on an old mans property lol

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