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05-17-2012, 11:43 PM
I looked for months for this car and was lucky to have found it. I recently purchased a Pontiac G8 (#219 of the first 888 made) and am building a 402 stroker for it. I couldn't pass up this deal. My friend owns a hi performance shop and a customer who put a ton of money into the G8 spun a bearing and wiped out the crank so his loss is now my gain and the GTA needs a new home. I only have a ONE car climate controlled Garage lol.

I wasn't going to sell my GTA as i just bought it a few months ago but i am now putting it up.

T-Top '89 5.7 Brilliant red beechwood leather (recovered a month ago) with 68k original miles. i am the third owner. Car is not perfect but extremely clean and well maintained. was repainted in '03 by previous owner.

There is NO RUST/ROT on this car. It has the original hood (vin sticker is there). No accidents of any kind. Has $2000 worth of chrome moly tubular Spohn suspension (control arms, wonderbar, panhard rod, Delrin bushings, etc), new Moog springs, Moog front end, radiator, injectors, fuel lines, water pump, headlight motors, power antenna, window motors, harmonic balancer, welded Spohn subframe connectors, headliner, T-Top inserts, falken tires with 95% tread, polished original wheels, original radio, original overhead console flashlight in working order, spare/jack, T-top bag, cargo cover, original RPO code sticker is in center console where it is supposed to be, ALL EMISSIONS CONTROLS PRESENT AND WORKING, plugs, wires, cap/rotor, fuel filter, air filter, PCV, vacuum lines, build sheet, Pontiac historical services paperwork, ORIGINAL OLD WINDOW STICKER (ugly back then, line printed black and white and is a square as opposed to the rectangle shape of today), battery tender, car cover and a ton of spare parts including 4 fenders, door panel grommets, shifter handles, etc etc. Car is a great driver. solid 8 out of 10 imho.

I will be asking $7200/bo into the car for about $9000 so someone is going to make out like a bandit but i did on my G8 so it'll be a wash . I would've killed for this GTA when i was looking. i couldn't find it.

car gets looks non stop when i'm out and about. compliments, questions, alot of attention. finding them in this condition inside, outside and underneath is rare and cost big $$$. AC blows ice cold, cruise works, car can absolutely be driven form here to florida without an issue. i have taken it on a 90 mile ride and outside of it being an '89 F body (i have all new vehicles so i'm a little spoiled lol), it road and drove terrific. Car has been garage kept since '03 by previous owner and now myself (climate controlled under a cover on a battery tender)

PS, i have the lower black plastic side skirts that conceal the low exhaust pipe just haven't put them back up yet since the suspension work was completed. they're sitting in the shop along with the new backing plates for the rear brakes
in front of my friend's shop
at a show[hr]
Spohn pics

my new G8 that's replacing the GTA can be seen upon request at my friend's shop in Toms River (one in the pics). thanks for looking!

05-18-2012, 10:20 PM
CarFax shows that on 1/1/89 this car had a miraculous 64k miles on it lol an obvious New Car Dealer blunder when entering the trade in car's mileage in and having it on the brand new GTA.
as you can see from the muffler shop receipt the GTA had only 32k miles on it in 1996

05-19-2012, 09:20 PM
didn't realize this one wasn't focused yet!

05-21-2012, 10:40 PM
Car is SOLD!!Sad to see it go, it looked beautiful sitting in my friend's driveway. Good owner, car will be well cared for at least, appreciated. Thanks for looking.

Mods please turn the lights out on my beautiful Bird. New owner is NOT going to visit here. barely uses the internet. he doesn't even text!!

05-24-2012, 01:43 AM
man that was nice..