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06-07-2005, 11:16 PM
i blew one of my front speakers in the 'maro, was just curious what a good after market replacement set would be. make/model number?

any suggestions????


06-09-2005, 05:01 PM

06-09-2005, 05:09 PM
from what I have found out you cant upgrade them with out upgrading the headunit and the whole system. The front speakers are 2 ways wired with 4 wires, and the ohms dont match most aftermarket systems.

I have the same problem I blew 3 monsoon speakers. I replaced the hatchback speakers with Pioneers that had matching ohms and rear seat panel speakers which are midbass speakers with a set that I found on sound domain. But the fronts just leave you screwed.

06-09-2005, 09:41 PM
both of u need to check the "stickies"...ur not screwed.

06-09-2005, 10:52 PM
In the camaro, you can replace the front speakers. There are four wires, one set for tweeters and the other for the 6.5. They are x-overed by the monsoon amp, so if you replace them, it won't sound great, but it can be done. I replaced mine with the Audiobahn 2062N (Cructhfield Link ( They will run at half of the RMS wattage due to the difference in ohms, but it will work. They won't sound too much better running off the monsoon, the best advice is to get them amped by something other than a monsoon.

Just hook the new speakers up to one set of the four wires , you'll know which pair you want to use because one set will obviously be louder (which will be the set run off of the monsoon amp). The other is powered by the deck (which is the stock tweeter wires). I never could tell which set of wires were which, and still dont due to the same coloring. Not hard to figure it out though...