View Full Version : LS 7 clutch problems post here

04-28-2007, 10:00 PM
How many of you have had problems with the new LS7 clutch setup?

My problem- The center hub is loose and allowing the disc to wobble, which is causing vibration and noise when I shift. It has 25K highway miles on it.
It is in a 99 TA with minor bolt ons. This is also, the second disc that has done this. I had a Zo6 setup in it and the disc hub became loose after 20K.
The tranny was gone thru by LS1 Joe at the same time the LS7 clutch was installed. I bought the LS2 flywheel/Ls7 clutch set from Joe.
What might be causing this? Is this just an inferior product? I see great things on here about the LS7 clutches but I never see any issues that people are having other than having to shim them.

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