View Full Version : 2005 GTO Electrical Issues

05-01-2007, 08:23 PM
Well less than 2 weeks ago one night my "check alternator" light came on. I really didn't think anything of it, just figured it would be my battery going out. Plus it was late at night and I just didn't care.

The next day I go to see if I can't see what is wrong with the car. So I start it up to check the volts... 11.2 while running. I thought this to be strange so I grab another battery to try out, start up the car 11.2 volts. Next I checked the wires and they all seemed to be good, even ran a new power wire from the alt to the battery and still 11.2 volts... car is not charging. So I'm thinking ok my alt is dead. Though what was weird is my fans do not kick on (HP Tuned to be on all the time when car is on running). I also noticed that my electric water pump is not working... so yay my car will not cool itself.

So I take the car to a good dealer that I will will try to help me. They called me to tell my fans do work when they command them on with the Tech 2. All the wires seem to be fine. So they replaced my battery and alt, he said the car was charging now. Though my fans will still not come on by themself, he did not say if my EWP was working or not. He also said one of my fuel rails were leaking. So I goot rent another trailer to go get the car to bring it back to the house.

Anyways does anyone have any ideas? I'm just about ready to blow this car up... so sick of it.