View Full Version : Clutch fork wont install!

08-14-2007, 01:13 PM
I can not get my freakin clutch fork to go on right. It should be completely behind the lip on the T/O bearing correct? I have one 3 of these clutches and never had this problem. I thought I had it on, but it still had tons of play in all directions. I went ahead and finished the install, and got it on the ground, started it up, went to push the clutch in to put the car in gear, and it just screeched and howled from down there. I pumped the clutch a couple of times and it went away, I got it into gear and moved the car. Then I shut it down and tried again and all it will do is make that noise and wont go into gear. Its a freshly rebuilt T-56, Mcleod single disk, and a stock pressure plate. Anyone have any ideas? Thanks