View Full Version : 19yo WyoTech(PA) student trying to move west

11-07-2007, 09:34 AM
Hey buds, I have 6 weeks left of WyoTech(Pennsylvania) and i have been stressing out trying to figure out where to go after school.

I have been through automotive/HD diesel technology, Chassis Fabrication & Hi-perf. engine, and of course the realy gay business management class(but i have my associates in management!).

I have been applying to off-road fab. companys out west...Oregon, nevada, arizona, utah...i just wanna stay out of california. I love sandrails, trophy trucks, rock crawling, and CORR racing!

I have a couple of years of welding/fabrication (MIG, TIG, stainless, mild, aluminum) experience, as well as engine building (mostly SBC) and tuning experience. And more collision repair experience than i wanted.

If you work for a sweet fab shop or engine shop, or know of a place west..or realy anywhere... please contact me so i can get a job by January.