View Full Version : alternator issue??

05-25-2008, 11:54 AM
i jus installed a new stereo and after a couple of days the battery died. i was crusing on the freeway and the battery wasnt charging so i thought that radio was draining it. (optima yellow top; wtf?)then i disconnected the battery while the car was on and sure enough it died. so i figuered alternator. as i was disconnecting the alt i noticed that the plug from the wiring harness ( not the batt or ground) only had a single wire connected to the plastic connector. (wtf?) are they all like that for 99 ls1? usually these have like 4. heres wat i thot they should look like:

i tested the alternator at an auto store and it was good. i noticed that the 1 wire was pretty chewed up so i cleaned it up. i hope that was it.