View Full Version : Looking for a similar heads/cam HPTuners BIN......mods inside

05-29-2008, 07:56 PM
Hey everyone,
I was wondering if anyone would be kind enough to send me over a HPTuners BIN file that I can load when I go to fire up my heads/cam setup. I just want something that will be closer to what I need than stock. I really dont know the history of the car as far as tuning. It might still be the stock tune with all the bolt ons on the car.

Engine related mods:
SLP lid
SLP smooth bellows
Ported TB
LS6 intake
LS2 spark plug wires
NGK TR55's gapped at 0.055"
Comp 230/236 612/600 111+0 cam
TSP ported LS6 oil pump
LS2 timing chain
ARP studs
LS7 lifters
Harland Sharp rebuilt rockers
PRC 5.3L Stage 2.5 heads, unmilled
MLS head gaskets
QTP HVMC long tube headers
QTP true merge offroad ypipe
Magnaflow catback

Let me know if you have something comparable that I can use as a baseline to start up. Then I will go ahead and tune the VE and all that good stuff.