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Nitrous Oxide
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Story about nitrous and good luck

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Default Story about nitrous and good luck

This is a little story about how good luck and alot of nitrous can work together sometimes LOL.

About 2 years ago we got this bright idea to put some nitrous on my buddies 99 Z71. He had a 5.3 with a K&N FIPK, Hypertech Programmer, and a Flowmaster. Well we did the install,which took awhile because it was our first nitrous install ever. It was a NX Gemini Twin Kit (except we didnt end up using both Nozzles, just one. We changed the plugs to some AC Delco plugs, they are sitting in my garage some where now, lol. We started off with a 100 shot with 900psi.. We got ballsy about a week later and put in 125... We started spraying at 1000... Thats where the trouble started! LOL

About 2 weeks go by and we are hanging out with our buddy Hyde (same one that post on here). He tells us we are bunch of pussies about the 125 shot and to put a 150 in it. So we did that. And oh boy apparently that 25hp felt like alot more LOL. We put 20 or more bottles through it.

Here is the wierd thing about it all. This truck had 67,000 miles on it when we started it. It saw probably over 30 or 40 4wd High nitrous launchs (he could foot brake it to 2900, STOCK tranny and Converter). And MANY just street hits. The only thing for "safety" we had was a Window switch. We use to heat the bottles up on the floor board with the feet heater LOL. The truck saw ALOT of hits with the bottle pressure in the red. The truck never hick up'ed. My buddy sold the truck with 115,000 miles and never replaced the tranny or motor, they were perfect. Now how lucky were we?

1200-1300psi (or wherever the middle of the red is, and a few times with it pegged), stock motor, tranny, and rearend, a ton of timing (Hypertech 93octane tune), 93 Octane, and a driver with a heavy foot, and a passanger that like to turn the switch on ALOT
2002 Porsche 911 Boost Logic Turbo (1040rwhp / 829rwtq SAE) on E85
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Yeah I would say that is lucky IMO,but that is just me!

Charlie Wheatley
Houston, Texas
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pretty lucky....some will hold up...some wont
Originally Posted by 1994Z28Lt1
woooooo! woooooooo! did you hear that? it was the knowledge train it came, left, and you missed it
351HP/341TQ 12.7 @ 108MPH
nitrous 11.71 @ 121mph (100 shot)
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I found the limits of my warlboro 255 yesterday. With a 300 shot I ate the front 2 plugs on the driver side. Its a forged motor, put in 2 new plugs and went back to a 250 shot for another 5 passes.

I have a customer with a stock 03 5.3 that we installed a 100 shot on. He has since taken the pills out of the zex wet kit and has been running that way for over 8 mos and at least 40 bottles. I guess ignorance is bliss.
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see its the storys like this that makes me want to install my NX wet kit i have sittiing here, but i have seen guys who get away with it like the storys and i have seen when it only takes one hit to make the motor not want to play anymore

its a roll of the dice
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Nitrous is like a New York Prostitute, you want to hit, but your afraid of the consequences!!!!!!!
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I Never did any 4wd launches but i had 4.3L gmc Jimmy with a 150 shot hypertech engine tuning and 87 octane...All looked good when i tore the motor down for a hi-po rebuild...11:1, 2.02/1.60 valves, P&P, fully forged internals, H beam rods, full 1.6 roller rockers

85 RX-7 W/ 12A Auto tranny.

Trickflow And Hurst With The Nitrous Burst!!!

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