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PCM Diagnostics & Tuning
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Fuel system in OL-Drive?

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Default Fuel system in OL-Drive?

Okay, so where to begin. Had a long time problem with this car. Over the last 2 years I've replaced the cats (used cats from a rolled 02 Camaro which had 46,000 miles on it and never had any SES light problems), the rear O2 sensors, the PCV valve, the fuel filter, a few other odds and ends. The car still trips the same codes. P0420 and P0430. Always both at the same time. Thing that gets me is the freeze-frame data on my scanner says that both fuel systems are running in OL-Drive (which I didn't even know existed) but the STFT was .7 on bank 1 and 1.5 on bank 2. I cleared the codes, started it up and let it idle for about 15 minutes, drove it about 10 miles, and the light came back on. Judging by the freeze frame date, it tripped it when I was stopped waiting to turn around and head back to the house. I'm stumped, and I'll burn the car to the ground and **** on the ashes before I shell out a grand for new catalytic converters. Just doesn't make sense. Anyone have any brilliant ideas? Here's all the freeze-frame data from the codes. Thanks in advance for any help. Love the car but I wanna stab a hole in whoever came up with OBD2.

Fuel Sys 1: OL-Drive
Fuel Sys 2: OL-Drive
Calc LOAD (%): 1.9
ECT (Deg F): 190
STFT B1 (%): 0.7
LTFT B1 (%): 1.5
STFT B2 (%): 1.5
LTFT B2 (%): 0
MAP (inHg): 11.2
Eng RPM: 582
Veh Speed (mph): 0
MAF (lb/min): 0.740
TPS (%): 0
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are the cats gutted out? mine are so i always have same codes p0420 p0430 cats below efficiency!have u done a tuneup?maybe ur plugs are bad/old/fouledout?
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