No Need to Grow Up with 50th Anniversary Hot Wheels Camaro

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Hot Wheels were a key part of our formative years. That’s why we love this commemorative edition Camaro SS.

Does the Camaro SS feel a little too contemporary for you? Does it seem a bit too restrained, and in need of a little pop and nostalgia? Well the 50th Anniversary Hot Wheels Edition SS is right up your alley. Or rather, right up your track. The 50th anniversary marks the year of 1968, when Hot Wheels first started making model cars, with the 1:64th scale Camaro as part of its initial run of our favorite toys.

Orange Crush is the exclusive color of the Hot Wheels edition Camaro, and to us it looks like the same color of orange that was also used for the plastic tracks that make up so much of our childhood memories. The orange accents continue inside, too, with orange seat belts, orange seat inserts, illuminated door sills, door panels and leather stitching all in…you guessed it. Orange.

Camaro SS HotWheels

According to YouTuber TheTopher, the 2SS drives solidly. There’s the usual blind spots to contend with, but the Camaro experience is far beyond just that. Instead, it’s the old-school feeling of having a rumbly V8 up front, and a manual transmission in hand. Obviously the Camaro SS delivers on those fronts, but the 2SS also has grown beyond that to offer magnetic ride control and summer-only tires to increase lateral load holding abilities.


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Further inside the car, things are a bit less driver oriented, with TheTopher noting how the infotainment screen is a bit awkward to use. However, another screen in between the gauges is a delight, displaying important vitals of the car if you’re really putting in through its paces.

Camaro SS HotWheels

You have options, too, since you can get this commemorative edition in either 2SS coupe, 2SS convertible, as well as 2LT versions, both open and closed. For those of us who refuse to accept our given age, it makes for the best new car on the market.

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