Twin Turbo C6 Corvette Tops 220 in the Quarter Mile

Carlyle Corvette Front

Production-based Corvette Z06 is as quick as an NHRA Pro Stock race car.

  Comments | By - July 13, 2018

SN95 Mustang Not-so Secretly Packing 1,500 Horsepower LSX Engine

Weber Mustang Shoots Flames

Twin turbocharged Mustang relies on LSX power to cover the quarter mile in the mid-7s.

  Comments | By - July 13, 2018

Slideshow: Hot Rod’s Pro Tips for your Next LS Build

LS engines are quite different from their older small-block counterparts, therefore, using a few tricks and specialty tools as mentioned by Hot Rod Network can be quite useful for anyone that is new to the LS game.

  Comments | By - July 13, 2018

Fireball 700 Camaro Flexes Burnout Muscles for the Camera

Fireball 700 Camaro Burnout

Supercharged 2017 Camaro SS with an aftermarket cam puts on an impressive smoke show.

  Comments | By - July 12, 2018

Corvette Z06 Out-Launches McLaren 570S at Drag Strip

Corvette Z06 Vs McLaren 570S Staging

Neither of these cars are well driven, but the Corvette driver does a better job of getting down the track.

  Comments | By - July 12, 2018

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