Cadillac CTS-V Takes On Camaro ZL1 in Supercharged Clash

Camaro and CAdillac Burnout

Undisclosed modifications allow this Caddy with LSA power to stomp the new Camaro ZL1.

  Comments | By - June 20, 2018

What’s Up in the Forums: Ratty V6 Mustang Receives New LS Heart


Why would anyone swap an LS into an old, beat up ’01 Mustang? Because they can!

  Comments | By - June 20, 2018

Slideshow: Very Unofficial Mid-Engine Corvette Twin-Turbo

Ever wondered what a mid-engined C2 would look like? Neither did we. Photos inside.

  Comments | By - June 20, 2018

4th Gen Camaro Knocks Off BMW M5 in Overseas Drag Race

4g Camaro Beats BMW M5

Camaro flexes its LS1 muscles in front of the Swedish crowd.

  Comments | By - June 19, 2018

Kill Stories: Auto 2018 Mustang Takes on a Manual 2017 Camaro

Camaro Beats Mustang

Camaro might have the power advantage, but the Ford’s automatic transmission wins this race.

  Comments | By - June 19, 2018

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