Drag Race Monday: Meet the 2nd-Quickest 6g Camaro in the ¼ Mile

LS1tech.com LT1 416 cubic inch stroker procharger 1/4 drag race monday Camaro 6g

Watch the 2017 Chevrolet Camaro SS owned by Garry Means, built by Late Model Racecraft gun for the title of the world’s quickest 6g car. The quickest 6th gen Chevrolet Camaro in the world is the supercharged, bottled machine known as the Fireball Camaro, which has turned in a best time of 9.003 at 149 […] More »

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Craigslist Find of the Week: Triple-Black 1991 Chevy Pickup with an LS1

LS1tech.com LS1 swap Truck Chevy craigslist find

The Sith Lord’s LS1-powered work truck awaits. How good does this look? We’re not always nuts about pickup trucks. And we know tastes are subjective, but this 1991 Chevy C1500 on CraigsList in Los Angeles looks just…right. With the front faschia extended below the bumper, it resembles the 454SS. Except there’s no 454. Instead, under […] More »

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Burnout Friday 2g Camaro Action in Denmark

LS1tech.com Camaro Burnout Denmark Viking Run

Watch a clean 2nd gen Chevrolet Camaro do a set of impressive burnouts at the Viking Run in Denmark. This week’s Burnout Friday video takes us to Denmark for an event called the Viking Run back in 2016. The Viking Run in Roskilde, Denmark is held every two years and it is the biggest American […] More »

  Comments | By - May 26, 2017

Craigslist Find of the Week: Camaro-Shaped Debris Pile For Sale, No Low Ballers!

LS1tech.com Camaro Craigslist find 350 Chevy concours judging

We concours-judge this classic Camaro classifieds ad. This one sure reads like a joke, but Poe’s Law instances seems so abundant these days it’s hard to know for sure. The car ostensibly resembles a late second-generation Chevy Camaro, although it’s wedged in between some trees and looks like a grenade has gone off in the […] More »

  Comments | By - May 26, 2017

4 Pics of a Z06 Texas Police Car

The New Braunfels Police Department recently got their hands on a quadruple horsepower Corvette that you need to find out more about. Check out the Z06 inside.

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