Author: Brett Foote

7 Reasons Why the LS V8 Is So Damn Good

The LS didn’t become a legendary powerplant by only offering a couple of benefits. Here are some of our reasons why we love the LS so so much.

  Comments | By - July 5, 2017

Check Out This 1956 F-100 with a Sweet LS2 (Photos)

If you happen to be restoring a classic Ford pickup truck, you can’t go wrong when you choose an LS engine to be the powerplant.

  Comments | By - June 12, 2017

What’s Up in the Forums: One Bad Biscayne Build Biscayne build gen III LS swap 5.3 truck motor

You need to check out this sweet in-progress Biscayne build from one of our talented members.

  Comments | By - April 17, 2017

WHAT’S UP IN THE FORUMS: F-Body 10-Bolt Swap F-Body 10-Bolt Swap

Forum member fortifies his rear with the ol’ F-Body 10-Bolt swap.

  Comments | By - April 13, 2017

WHAT’S UP IN THE FORUMS: Stock 6th Gen Camaro Runs With Modded Mustang 6th Gen Camaro vs S550 Mustang GT 5.0

Mustang GT with bolt-ons struggles to put away stock 6th gen Camaro SS. The forums here at LS1Tech are always ripe with hours of entertainment. Much of which stems from countless videos of some rather hot street racing action. And even if these videos don’t always depict an LS powered car winning the race, more […] More »

  Comments | By - April 6, 2017

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