Ever Wanted A BMW with A Turbo LS1 Under the Hood?

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BMW 528i with a turbo LS1

If so, then this turbocharged LS1 1999 BMW 528i with a six-speed might be the piece of savage elegance you have been looking for.

We are huge fans of German luxury car engineering. Particularly when it’s an E39 BMW 528i that can push 801 horses through the rear wheels when provoked. If you also enjoy an elegant car that wants to rip your arm off and hit you with the wet end, then Bringatrailer.com has you covered.

There’s a good reason the E39 is generally considered the best 5 Series BMW has made so far. BMW got the blend of size, luxury and handling nailed down so hard it’s arguable that anyone has done it better. This one originally came with an automatic gearbox that needed work. The owner did the right thing and tore it out to put in a modified Tremec 6-speed manual instead.

BMW 528i LS1 with an interior color swap.

On top of a replacement black interior for the original tan, there are some upgrades. They include the M-Tech steering wheel and an Android-based 7” touchscreen head unit that’s hooked up to Torque OBD2 monitoring. There’s also a wide-band O2 sensor gauge and a methanol injection controller added to the instrumentation.

LS1tech.com BMW E39 Touring Turbo LS1 6-speed Swap BringATrailer for sale

Oh, and of course the engine. The turbocharged LS1 V8 has had some major work before going in the car. Forged pistons and connecting rods, then an upgraded camshaft and valve springs to go with 6.0L 317 cylinder heads. That’s all topped off with a Turbonetics TC78 turbo with a 46mm wastegate and Alkycontrol methanol injection.

There’s also plenty of upgrades through the transmission to deal with the power. A recent dyno shows it pushing 801 horsepower and 856 lb-ft of torque at the wheels with 24 psi of peak boost.

He didn’t just make it fast in a straight line. Coilovers and E39 M5 brakes only part of the handling package to keep the car from becoming a tree seeking missile. For more details, check out the full listing on Bringatrailer.com.

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