Twin Turbo C6 Corvette Tops 220 in the Quarter Mile

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Production-based Corvette Z06 is as quick as an NHRA Pro Stock race car.

This week’s Drag Race Monday comes to us from the BigKleib34 YouTube channel and it features Mark Carlyle’s C6 Corvette Z06. This twin-turbo Chevy sports car is one of the quickest of its kind in the world, running similar times to NHRA Pro Stock times with a production-based independent rear suspension setup.

The Carlyle Corvette

If you aren’t familiar with Mark Carlyle’s C6 Corvette Z06, you are in for a treat. This car has set a variety of records for being one of the quickest and/or fastest LSX-powered cars in the world. That includes records for cars with drag radial tires and cars with an independent rear suspension setup.

Carlyle Corvette Front

This Z06 is powered by a 427-cubic inch LSX engine fitted with a set of Garrett GTX5518R turbochargers. That monster mill sends the power to the rear wheels via a TH400 automatic transmission, which huge drag radial tires put the power to the ground. That combination has put this Corvette well into the 6.50-second range in the quarter mile while reaching speeds well over 200 miles per hour.

Import vs. Domestic World Cup Finals

In the video above, the Carlyle Corvette is taking on a handful of very strong competitors at the 22nd annual Haltech Import Vs Domestic World Cup Finals.

The first run takes place against an early RX-7 and while the Mazda gets a good start, the Z06 quickly catches, passes and cruises to victory. On this run, Carlyle runs a 6.67 at 227 miles per hour to the competitor’s 9.02 at 141.

Carlyle Corvette Rear

In the second run, the twin turbo C6 takes on a Mazda RX-3. Once again, the opponent appears to get the jump on the Corvette, but before the two reach the 330-mark, the Chevy has the race locked up. This run brings about a winning 6.84 at 224 miles per hour for the Z06 while the RX-3 turns in a 7.76 at 156 miles per hour.

Finally, the Carlyle Racing Corvette takes on one more Mazda, this time battling an RX-8. On this run, it is all Carlyle, as the import loses traction on the start and the Z06 cruises to another easy win – ending the video with a 6.67 at 219 miles per hour.

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