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Speedmastet studs same size as arp?

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Old 03-14-2017, 06:44 PM   #21
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Originally Posted by Paul Bell
These studs are made in China??
the implication you make here is that the parts are inferior due to the country of origin, a subtle form of racism.

the crux of the argument holds the idea that things from china can't be of quality---this simply isnt true. i'm posting this from a phone made in ROC. The RFID chip in my security badge that I'm gonna use to get into the lab at school here in a minute is likely Chinese. hell, i'd put sawbuck on ARP having chinese cutting tools and thread rollers all over their US factory. Much of that stuff is industry standard. "Industry standard" is synonymous with "quality" as far as manufactured goods go.

the idea that something made by a Chinese man's hand is inferior to that made by an American man's hand simply because he is chinese is racism pure and simple.

Originally Posted by Paul Bell
Nosir, I donít dislike less expensive Chinese made products because Iím a racist or I have a dislike for Chinese people.

I have a dislike for lesser QUALITY import parts.
saying you are not racist, doesn't actually make you not racist.

yes these are different quality parts at a different price point. comparing these to arp's is like comparing apples to oranges and then saying the apples taste like crap because they dont taste like oranges.

Originally Posted by Paul Bell
As far as me being a racist, this forum does not tolerate racism in any form. And as a moderator, one of my responsibilities is to watch for it and take appropriate actions, when needed.
which is why I called you out. I have heard you repeat the same garbage before and I'm sick of it. moderators set the tone for what is appropriate language and what is not. I have sent an email to Internet brands linking this thread.

Originally Posted by Paul Bell
Personally, I have many fine friends here in the melting pot of New York City from all walks of life-including many Asian folks-immigrants and natural born US citizens. Iíve even dated a immigrant Chinese woman years ago.
Ugh, i hate that I even have to do this:


To the rest of you fellas, please have a look at your own biases. It might serve you well in the future.
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Old 03-14-2017, 06:51 PM   #22
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Hey truckdoug, this really isn't about racial bias. It IS about many examples of defective hardware of Chinese origin, enough that one may legitimately suspect ANY such hardware of Chinese origin. Don't be so thin-skinned about this. Yeah, there are likely many examples of good quality parts/hardware of Chinese origin, but there are enough bad ones to suspect all of them as sorting it all out is nigh impossible. One bad apple....etc.
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Old 03-14-2017, 09:28 PM   #23
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Doug, I like you man, but I think you've gone off the PC cliff here.

Paul enjoys putting top dollar parts into his build. Not everyone can do that. So there is a place for Chinese made parts. I think the Compstar/K1/Molnar stuff is all fantastic as an example. And the Speed Engineering and TSP headers are also excellent for the price.

For most, you won't notice the difference except you'll notice your wallet feeling lighter.

But to state it is racist for saying Chinese parts are of lesser quality is not true. Because Chinese made speed parts (among other things) are in fact lesser quality. They use lesser materials coupled with lesser QC. Why? Well because added QC for the raw materials and the worksmanship costs money. Chinese made parts are typically there to be good enough at a very competitive cost point. But they do cut corners to drive the cost down. That's where a lot of their competitiveness comes from in the global market.

So, I don't take saying a part is Chinese made, and is therefore lesser quality as necessarily racist. It doesn't imply that at all. It merely states an observation that is true many times (as we see with Chinese steel, concrete, and insulation often in the US). Are CXRacing intercoolers good enough? Sure. Are they as good as a Garrett? No way. But the price reflects perhaps a larger delta than the actual performance delta would indicate.

I think my take-away is that relying on lesser QC'd parts for engine fasteners may not be worth the slight cost savings. Headers, where the cost can be enormous, and the quality differences can go relatively unnoticed, is a much easier trade-off.
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Old 03-15-2017, 12:13 AM   #24
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I don't believe that there is anyone being racist here, just personal preference.

I won't use Chinese fasteners due to many many problems with them. Does that mean that I hate Chinese people? Hell no. What I do hate is the constant copying of parts.

I have Callie's Compstar rods and crank in my motor, I went with them because my budget at the time, that was what I thought was the best decision.

I'm not a fan of Mexican ls7 lifters ( had multiple problems) or Mexican reluctor wheel ( interference fit tolerance was .004 off from spec and it spun). Doesn't mean I hate Mexicans. If I did, I wouldn't be in the landscaping business. They will outwork us Americans hands down when it comes down to manual labor. I won't use GM reluctor wheels or lifters again though.....

Nobody is being racist, like I said, we all have our preferences. I think JakeFusion has summed it up perfectly with his last post.
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Old 03-15-2017, 02:49 AM   #25
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Originally Posted by truckdoug View Post
yeah i get it, you're slightly racist against the chinese for whatever reason and a bit scared of their powerhouse economy. fine go ahead and drop your turd opinions wherever you want.
Whether you agree or disagree with the opinion on manufacturing quality, calling it (or Paul personally) "racist" is quite a stretch. Making such a direct personal accusation is very serious, and in this case unwarranted IMO. Frankly, it appears that you're attempting to create your desired argument rather than discuss what was actually posted.

Please review the summary above from JakeFusion for a better understanding of what is obvious to anyone else reading this discussion. It's unfortunate that your takeaway here is racism, however that does not make it fact nor a reasonable accusation or even assumption based on what was posted.

This thread is much too far off track and now falls in the category of political/controversial - which is not a subject that is welcome on LS1Tech. Please refrain from future derailment of tech threads in this manner.

Thank You,
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