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Speed Inc. Horrible experience...

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Default Speed Inc. Horrible experience...

Long read but worth it if I save others a problem...

So to make clear what happened from start to current. Had setup a tune appointment setup back in January "Before the tax return spending frenzy set in". We set it up for March 11th giving weather a chance to break. I put in for a vacation day with the assumption that I was going to chill around there, BS and check it out. Guy there calls me @ 4:30 PM March 10th telling me he has bad news and wants to bump my appointment because they have a E85 car they want to tune, "crapy because i set this up in jan and this is Not my problem but I brushed it off" Says maybe they can get to it around 2:30. I told him that sucks I was anticipating hanging around and checking it out. He cops a bit of a cocky response saying "well its not like you can come in the back, but you can sit in the waiting area. I said whatever and dropped it off @ 9 and had a buddy roll with to give me a ride. Calls me in the afternoon and tell me they found that my 100mm MAF was inconsistent @ idle and I had a PCV vac leak. Said they would take care of it and wanted to go SD but they wouldn't be done until following week. I obliged, I said that's fine. Go and pick up car March 16th. Making small talk with Guy who I was dealing with he asks why I decided to down my CR on the LS7 from his claimed factory 11.5:1 to my 11.25:1, confused looking at him we argued about stock compression for like 10 minutes. Told him factory is 11.0:1 he says no he does this all the time blah blah blah. Looks it up and says he doesn't know what he was thinking. Pointless conversation but stupid none the less. Anyways, I instantly noticed my car idled oddly high, 1050-1100. I asked him and he claimed that Jim set it @ 975 and my tach was off, "I think I know my car". He tells me it has to be like that or it will surge!!!??? GTFO, I told him it was set lower before and never bucked, he says impossible! Yea okay, so I said I'll drive it and get back to him.

So I drive it home in traffic and I notice the car rolls on @ 15mph which prompts me to ride my brakes in traffic... "flag 1 something is off".... then I notice when I get up to speed 30mph car basically never idles down and holds a cruise control speed until you hit the brake.... "flag 2 something is off"... Send him a email later that night explaining said issues. Get a response email March 17th saying if I'm not happy he will have to reschedule another appointment. I said crap weather is coming up and we will play by ear. Car sat for 2.5 weeks because of that little late March early April snow. 2 weekends ago I take the car out after picking it up, I do 1 quick little 1 gear blast and boom, Reduced Engine Power... Check codes and get P0103 which is correctly to be shown because of speed density tune and failing MAF. I call Speed 4x that upcoming Monday with no return phone call until I told the girl to have this guy call me asap. Tony calls me back with a attitude, I explain what happened and if we can setup a tow to get it there. He tells me that's on me, explain to him how the hell is that on me when it is obviously a tune related issue. He says well what proof is it that it's a tune. I say 8 years no issues, 30mi after tune and here we are. He tells me we can talk about reimbursement for the tow if it turns out it truly is a tune related problem and if it ends up being mechanical "ALL HELL IS GONNA BREAK LOOSE" I I say what the hell is that supposed to mean? He says I don't like your attitude and I got 35 cars sitting here in my shop and I'm doing you a favor. I said you're doing me a favor huh after I just spent a $1000 for this ****, favor huh. I said tell you what, this is why I wanted to be there in the first place to see what was going on and I want to be present when I bring it back so we know what's going on. He says like I told you before it's not common practice to let customers be present and you can sit in the waiting area. NOW any normal logical person is not going to feel comfortable after the kid just told you "If it turns out to be a mechanical issue all hells going to break loose" leaving them to play with a car with me blind. I don't know these people I don't know if he's going to do something to make it look like a mechanical issue so they're not responsible. How am I supposed to know, I don't know this kid from a hole in the wall. It didn't sit well with me and after talking to several Buddies they all agreed that they wouldn't bring it back because of those statements made and my concern. I had Timmy Two-Stage from Sound Performance go through the car and we found a lot of crap that was ****ed up. Conflicting parameters in the PCM, Bank 2 sensor 1 02 dead because unplugged " they should have picked it up and nothing was wrong with the mass air flow". Idle and 30mph cruise control **** was because instead of getting the proper mix of air flow and timing to work with my tight converter, they decided to just throw a bunch of idle air at it as a Band-Aid. Shift points were all jacked up and the REP was because and I quote from the other tuner...

"The only thing that doesn't jive is the p0103 code. This is a normal code and it's suppose to set to enter speed density mode. You have no tell the PCM to report "No MIL" so all it will effect is failing the MAF and going into SD mode.

Well....Speed Inc has it set to report the code on the first error.

Changing it to "No MIL" should fix the problem.....the flip side to that is all the fueling will be totally jacked and the VE Table (fueling table).

When I change it to set the code differently it will want approx 10% more of a numerical value for fuel.

It will run lean as hell just from the touch of a Button. It shows the MAF error correct in the "check engine" display, it's just reporting it differently. Basically, car is in speed
density mode, but computer is using mass air flow meter to determine air flow. It's freaking out"... contact Speed inc again tell them what we found and that it was a tuning issue they called BS and continue to deny it was them... Car runs 10x better, he spent hours explaining everything to me, had me sit through the whole process we did Street tuning until 2:30 am and It made even more power on his Mustang dyno then it did on their dynojet.... I am not the 1st person to have problems with them, come to find out its seems to be a ongoing issue with them messing peoples cars up...

But just the other day they put up a white C5Z with a LS7 swap which I though was funny because there isint a lot of LS7 swapped Z06's and hardly any that are mated with a auto swap like mine. So i found it funny that they never posted mine but did this one and I was there weeks before this car and they always post customers cars haha. When I posted on the page asking "What happened to the Red Z06 with the LS7 and auto swap from several weeks ago that was sitting in the shop" they deleted my comment and blocked me hahaha

My buddy shared it on his page..
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Sad that you are just another invoice # to this shop...
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