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Hitmanls1 sent me some CRAP!

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Thumbs down Hitmanls1 sent me some CRAP!

I bought a set of QA1 R series shocks from him and he sent me a set of BEAT UP shocks. I am currently deployed to Iraq and bought the shocks from him while I was over here. I went home on my 2 week R&R and went to the storage shed to go through all of the parts that I bought and I opened up the box that the shocks were in and there was oil all over the box and one of the front struts was busted. All the rest of the shocks looked like someone beat them off the car with a hammer. ALL the bushings on the shocks were fried. He claims he told me about the bushings but I dont believe he did. He told me before I bought them from him that "they are a nice set of shocks". I asked him to send me pictures and he claimed he was busy and didnt have time and to just look at his trader rating. I looked at it and he had a good rating so I (dumb *** move) trusted him and bought the shocks from him anyway ($450). He says that UPS did the damage but I can guarantee that UPS did not do this damage. I will get my dad to take some pics so yall can see for yourselves. I also left him positive feedback because he wanted it and my dad told me they came in so I did that. My dad doesnt know anything about these shocks so he didnt know any better. He thought it was just an oily box haha.

I was so disappointed when I found this. Last time I buy ANYTHING without pictures. Look out for this guy. Hope you dont get taken advantage of. The worst part about the whole situation is I cant really do anything about it because I am deployed. If I was home I would get his address and........ NVM just look out for him.


This is the link to the shocks that he was selling. I just PM'd him and got them from him. I wish I had the PM's that were sent but I dont.... Here are the PMs that were sent back and forth between us when I confronted him about it.

To hitmanls1 > I have a problem.

To hitman>> I went home on my 2 week R&R from Iraq and was looking at the shocks and they look like hell. They look like they were beat off the car with a hammer, some of them dont have bushings on them. The bushings that were left on them were shot to ****. My biggest problem that I have is one of the front struts is busted. There is oil all in the box and its just fucked. I can have someone take pics of them and get them to you so you can see that I am not blowing smoke but this is crap. I was assured by you that they were in good working condition and were a nice set of shocks and when I looked at them they looked like they were used in a demolition derby. We are gonna have come to a deal on this situation. Im not gonna ask you to refund my money but I am going to ask you to split the cost of a new front strut to replace the busted one you sent me. Let me know something. Thanks.

Originally Posted by HitmanLS1
When I sent them they weren't bust. I told you that one of the front one's was hard to turn. I shipped them thru UPS. They were not damaged when they left my house. As for as the bushing goes I also told you that you might have to replace them they dont cost the much. But when I shipped them they weren't damaged you will have to take that up with UPS.


To hitman>> Ok, I am pretty sure that the only REAL way to bust a shock is to ride it hard. You told me they were in good condition when you sold me the shocks. They have been sitting in a box in a storage shed since you sent them to me. No one has touched them and they just look like hell. I can understand why you didnt want to send me pictures of the shocks now. I feel like I was taken advantage of because I am not there to really do anything about it. The shocks were not this messed up by UPS shipping them. Who ever worked on the car and put the shocks on OBVIOUSLY has no clue as to how they work. Common sense tells you not to beat on a shock like that. You need to get right with me on these shocks because that is the right thing to do. Dont try to BS me on this. I am not a "newbie" to cars.......

Posted by Hitmanls1>>>> I sold my car. I said in the thread that I had never put them on my car. I did send you pictures buddy so dont even go there. Now if you said the shock is busted ill send you to a guy that can fix it for little of nothing. I am not trying to get over if so I would have sold them for more then 400 bucks. Thanks

To hitmanLS1>>> No you didnt send me pics "buddy" you said to just look at your trader rating and "trust" you. 400 bucks is what they usually go for used. So dont act like you took some big hit on them or something. Who is this "guy"? Does he use quality QA1 parts or just regular stuff? If its little to nothing why dont you pay for it since you sent me this crap. If you dont help me resolve this problem then I will be happy to post what is going on up on LS1tech.......

After this he quit talkin to me. GAH this is irritating........ I believe there are a few things in life that a man should never break and one of those things is his word. A man is only as good as his word.
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