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buyer beware of NICKCZ28

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Default buyer beware of NICKCZ28

Near the first of the month of June 2005 Nick (NICKCZ28) and I agreed to make a trade of parts for our respective cars. I was to give Nick my built th400 rmvb transmission with 4000RPM stall, cross-member, and a4 pedals. The th400 had been rebuilt ~300 miles previously and had only babied street miles on it in my car. Nick was to give me his T56, clutch, bell-housing, all hydraulics, cross-member, and m6 pedals. Nick told me that the t56 was in perfect condition and that he was going to reuse it so it was fine. We meet up and I gave Nick all of the parts that I agreed to give him, he gave me the trans, bh, clutch, and hydraulics but no pedals. I told him it was ok, he could just bring the pedals by over the weekend. Having been told that the t56 was in fine working order I ended up selling it to Joe Salazar off this board about the middle of July. Joe drove up from Houston on a Monday and paid me $1000 for the t56, took it back to Houston and put it in his car the same day. At Approx. 6pm that night Joe called and told me that the transmission wouldnít go into 3rd or 4th gears and it ground going into 2nd gear. I immediately called Nick and asked what was up with the transmission being broken after he told me it was ok a month before. Upon calling Nick he was defensive and said he knew it was broken prior to our trade but didnít think it was important to tell me because I had plans to do a pro-shifted t56 and if I did it would need a rebuild anyways, this is irrelevant since he told me it was in good order in the beginning. I asked Nick if he would help pay the cost of the rebuild and he agreed. Still at this point in late July I had not received the m6 pedals to complete the agreed-upon trade. Joe took the transmission to Steven Faraday in Houston to have the damage assed and get a quote to fix it all. Steven emailed me pics and info on the damage and what needed to be done to make it work. I promptly emailed Nick the info on what was broken and what it would cost to fix. I will try to host up pics of the damage and will put up a list of the damaged parts in the transmission also. I went ahead and paid Joe back the $1000 for the t56 and Nick agreed to reimburse me the costs. That was late July and I have PMs sent between Nick and Myself through the entire process saying he would repay me the $1000 and bring me the pedals I was owed but he has made NO effort to repay me the money owed, and infact has bought several expensive parts for his car but insists to me that he canít afford to repay me the money for the t56. Nick has made up lies, excuses and just been a punk about the entire situation, not to mention I still canít get him to bring the pedals for my car to me or the shop. In my opinion what he did has to be able to be punished by some sort of law or something of that nature and I will explore that venture in due time. The fact that he still hasnít brought the pedals and completed the trade makes me think I could get some sort of judgement against him or something. I have basically given up on getting any kind of monitary settlement out of Nick due to his apparent lack of financial stability. I know I canít squeeze blood from a turnip but I just have to let others know the facts of how Nick does business. Heís basically admitted the t56 was messed up before the trade and still insists that he has done nothing wrong with his lies. Thanks for reading and be careful who you do business with. A poor business decision has basically allowed a THEIF to walk away with my th400 setup and in my mind another $1000 as well since the t56 is junk and canít be used. Iíll post up the pics (if I can) and defiantly the list of damaged parts. Thanks again.

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