When Michelin invited me to attend a women’s only tire event at their South Carolina facility, I was excited but a little dubious. What, precisely, did they have to say that was targeted to women?¬† Turns out, they figured emphasizing the safety in their new performance tire, the Premier A/S, would be a great way [...]

About a year ago, the guys at 1320 video had a little shindig with a bunch of fast cars doing burnouts. They were all pretty epic, but FR8train’s Trans-Am was¬†ridiculous. This thing creates its own weather system out of tire smoke. It’s just that big. They turned down the boost to a mere 700 horsepower, [...]

The National Corvette Museum and Lynda Patterson have both suffered losses. Patterson’s is much more significant, though. While a sinkhole took eight of the facility’s exhibit models in February, the resident of Louisville, Kentucky lost her husband Mike to a brain tumor in 2012. She no longer has her 40th Anniversary Corvette, either. It’s now [...]

Who needs Barrett-Jackson when you have the internet! The very rare, very awesome Copo Camaro doesn’t just pop-up at your local Carmax. That makes seeing one surface on Ebay all the more surprising. Want in on it? As of right now, there’s a current bid of $29,400. I imagine that number will climb a bit [...]

If you see a line of police motorcycles and cars following the AMS Performance “Madness” Hearse, they might not be escorting it to a funeral. They might be trying to catch the damn thing. They won’t, though. This death sled, based on a 1996 Chevrolet Caprice, murders its rear tires with 1,000 horsepower on 23 [...]