This video is hot off the presses, showing a 4th generation Chevrolet Camaro roaring down the quarter mile in just 8.63 seconds at 158 miles per hour and based on the fact that this car packs a 6-speed manual transmission – this is the fastest 6-speed Camaro in the world. To hit those incredible numbers, [...]

This week’s Drag Racing Monday video features a bright red Camaro that rockets down the quarter mile in the deep 9 second range and to show off this impressive pass, Next Racing has put together a great video of the beast in action. Not only is this an awesome Camaro, but the video is very [...]

“We designed [the 2015] Escalade with what we call the beauty of contrast,” Eric Clough, director of design, Cadillac Interiors, said in a press release about the fourth-generation model. The luxury utility is a rolling embodiment of that last word, inside and out – down to its core as a vehicle. However, in my seven [...]

Forum member 2002ArticWhiteSS recently headed to downtown Indianapolis with a friend who also drives a 4th generation Chevrolet Camaro SS to get some pictures of his Arctic White 2002 Camaro SS. The two found an area that was heavily clad in graffiti and those bright colors made for a great back drop for the Arctic [...]

Not a good day to drive a GM. General Motors has recalled another 717,949 recent model vehicles in the U.S. this week. The latest recall involves nearly 400,000 Camaros, Cadillacs and Chevrolets along with a large number of other GM cars and trucks brands.   Specifically for LS1Techers, 2011-2012 Camaros, 2010-2012 Cadillac SRX, 2013-2014 Cadillac [...]