What a beautiful life it would be to wake up to this every morning. Well, now you can! Below we’ve posted versions optimized to fit everything from your desktop to your iPhone! This is Wallpaper Wednesday.

George Ray’s drag strip is one of the oldest, single owner drag strips in America. Considering the condition of the strip, I’d say this is closer to a street race than any thing else. Though…  If i’m being totally honest, most of roads in the street racing I’ve seen in this series are nicer than [...]

I’m a sucker for fourth generation F-Bodies, especially fast street cars that are getting it done without a mile-long mod list. I can remember when this car had a stick and it ripped! The owner, LS1Tech username Samsel450R swapped to an auto for obvious reasons. I always enjoyed the videos of him rowing the gearbox, [...]

When Michelin invited me to attend a women’s only tire event at their South Carolina facility, I was excited but a little dubious. What, precisely, did they have to say that was targeted to women?  Turns out, they figured emphasizing the safety in their new performance tire, the Premier A/S, would be a great way [...]

About a year ago, the guys at 1320 video had a little shindig with a bunch of fast cars doing burnouts. They were all pretty epic, but FR8train’s Trans-Am was ridiculous. This thing creates its own weather system out of tire smoke. It’s just that big. They turned down the boost to a mere 700 horsepower, [...]