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msd 6LS ignition box, pre set timing curves

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Default msd 6LS ignition box, pre set timing curves

im running a MS3 in my carbed ls1. here is the chart of pre-set timing curves to choose from using the MSD 6LS ignition

the bottom figures are when using a MAP sensor. i dont plan on using a MAP just the mechanical advance if you want to call it that. the box also comes with software to program a custom timing curve.

im used to tuning traditional small block chevys. i was told the rule of thumb was to have all your timing in by 3000-3500 (usually a total of 36*) i run 15* initial and 21* mechanical with my SBC.

what do you tuners usually set your timing curves like?
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All of those curves look too high for WOT. Once you get a decent
cam & heads it's iffy you can tolerate 30 degrees total advance
on 93 octane. Probably want to get a better box or see if you
can change the presets out for something more conservative.
The LSx motors don't need a lot of timing.
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If you look in the November Hot Rod, the 6.0L they put L92 heads on made the most power with a carb and 35 degrees of timing. Carb motors have a different timing requirement than the FI motors. The 6LS box or the one that comes with the Edelbrock manifold (made by MSD) are the only boxes I know of.
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the edelbrock uses the timing curves above and so does the MSD but, the MSD comes with software that allows you to set a rev limit and also map your own timing curve.
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This brings up an interesting question. MSD, Edelbrock, and Holley computers will show timing much higher than what is tolerated by the factory computer. I absolutely DO NOT believe that the engine mysteriously likes 10* more timing with certain aftermarket ecm's. So I suppose the question is which is the REAL timing value. I tend to believe the factory computer, but then again, LS engines do seem to use a lot less timing than SB1 motors. I understand different build variables, and these certainly don't account for the enormous difference. I suppose I will have to pin my crank and put degree marks on it to know for sure. I'm really curious to see if these "old school" companies are just throwing in an offset to make things look like what SB1-2 people are accustomed to.

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I have a 2002 5.3 in my 84 Square body, it has the 6ls ignition box and is banging out at higher rpm. It seems to me that the timing is retarded.
My question is, which curve chip should I use to stop this? I bought the truck from someone that had already did the swap and I know nothing about how to tune these things. I have the curve chips 1-6. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
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Get the CD or DL on-line the MSD program and build your own curve....always best
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