View Full Version : Tourque settings for the following?

01-05-2004, 08:26 PM
Can someone please post the torque settings for the following:

BMR LCA's w/BMR weld in tubular SFC's and poly/rubber bushings
BMR non adj. PHB
G2 front/rear swaybars w/poly
Spohn tunnel brace (got this off e-bay for $25, sells at Spohn for $89)

Thanks for the help guys. If anyone has these please post. I am getting the rest of parts this week and can't wait to install them. :cool: :cheers:

Cheatin' Chad
01-06-2004, 06:20 PM
Rule of thumb: Tighten until it feels funny and then back it off a little :)

Seriously now: None of the fasteners you mention here are mission critical torque sensitive.
You can get them common sense tight and be ok.
Be careful not to tighten bushings too much.Some bushings will bind up if you overtighten.

Here's what I did:

The stock swaybar mounting brackets : approximately 45ft lbs
I changed to socket head cap screws here

Tunnel brace : approximately 35-40 ft lbs
Again I changed to socket head cap screws.

I used blue (medium strength) loctite on the fasteners for safety.

You should get yourself a quick reference book (looks like a pocket bible) at your local hardware store. In there you will find torque settings for all fastener sizes/materials commonly available.This can be great help in a pinch.

BTW: I have had bad experiences with poly bushings.I'm not saying they're bad just that I haven't done well with them.
jRaskell (who seems knowledgable on the subject) claims it's because I used petroleum based grease on them. According to him you should use white lithium based grease or graphite (silicone reccommended by ES) on those bushings when you install them.

Good luck!