View Full Version : Strange problem that I accidently fixed... Any opinions?

07-25-2010, 01:00 PM
Ok, so I had a cam, stall, and gears installed about a week ago as well as a tune. Since then, my drivability has been somewhat lacking. As in when I'm going at low speeds, the RPM's keep trying to go up and I have to hold on the brakes to maintain a low speed (low as in 10mph or so). Also, if I were to rev it just a little, the rpm's would go up to about 1200 and just stay there, then SLOWLY go down.

I read on here it might be a vacuum leak, so I went out and decided to bypass my catch can. Well all hell broke loose. It would barely idle, then die every time I started it up. I also noticed that my miles driven had been reset to 0. So naturally, I put the hoses back on the catch can, same thing. I unplugged every plug from my air lid to my tb, then plugged them back in, same thing.

I was pretty frustrated by this point, so with the pcv hoses completely off of the catch can and not attached to anything, I started it, and wouldn't you know it, it started and idled fine. I turned it off, and attached the hoses to the catch can without the rubber gasket that goes between the top and the body, and it idled fine. I took it for a test drive, and the rpm's no longer tried to push through my brakes, and it drove just like stock.

I'm crossing my fingers that no other problems arise Since I only drove it about 1 mile. Any ideas as to HOW I managed to fix it, because I'm completely stumped...