View Full Version : I have a quick fuel injector question. Greg Banish injector data.

02-20-2012, 11:18 AM
Is a, 63 lb/hr Siemens High-Z Fuel Injector MT (Manufacturer P/N: FI114961) (Retail P/N: 107961), covered on the Greg Banish DVD/CD?

I realize that this may seem like a "no brainer", but I don't know enough about fuel injectors to make the call.

Below are the two injectors that SEEM to be similar, and have known good data per the DVD/CD.

SD 60# Tall
FRPP M-9593-LU60
Siemens 60#/hr @ 3 bar
SD 60# Shorty
Siemens FI114962 61#/hr @ 3 bar
Minitimer Connector Deka IV
Single 26 deg Cone

Thanks, Joe