View Full Version : Check out this video editing of my 11.5 pass

03-15-2003, 02:01 PM
Those are some damn sweet graphics...

Any idea what software he uses?

03-15-2003, 02:17 PM
Im not even sure George. Just seeing some of his work is making me go out and look at video cameras and video editing software tonight <img border="0" title="" alt="[Wink]" src="gr_images/icons/wink.gif" />

Ill find out and see. He's in graphics and design so im sure its something friggin expensive <img border="0" title="" alt="[Eek!]" src="gr_eek2.gif" />

03-15-2003, 06:11 PM

03-16-2003, 01:34 AM

I put this in the vid section here but i figured i'd put her in here since its more drag related <img border="0" title="" alt="[Big Grin]" src="gr_grin.gif" />

im not sure how long it will be up because the guys gonna delete it off his server soon. Its 9 megs but the quailty is a little fuzzy from making it more user friendly. Not bad for 30mins or so worth of tape <img border="0" title="" alt="[Wink]" src="gr_images/icons/wink.gif" />

The guy that did it is local in MD and a member of EFA. If anyone wants let me know and ill get you his info.

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