Brody Goble’s Nissan 240SX S14 Pro2 Build

By - Brody Goble Pro 2 Formula dirft LSX 240sx swap

What’s the fastest way to kill a set of tires? An LSX 240sx with nearly 900-horsepower to the rear wheels.

The motorsport of drifting is a form of automotive entertainment that’s too often compared to ice skating. Well, if ice skaters had the power of an NFL linebacker and speed of Usain Bolt, then sure, that would be an accurate statement. In the professional world of Formula Drift, these cars produce power figures that would make most drag racers blush, even in the Pro2 ranks. That is the step up from the ProAm series that weeds out drivers to award them with licenses. Pro is where you see guys like Vaughn Gittin, Jr., Chris Forsberg, Matt Field, and many other names recognized in drifting here in the US. Brody Goble’s dream is to earn his way to that level with his Nissan 240SX S14. Brody Goble S14 240sx 427 LSX Pro2 Formula Drift

Tell us more about the car.

The S14 is looked at as the better of the Nissan S-chassis cars we got here in the US. It’s rear subframe features a more favorable geometry for drifting and road racing. This one is enhanced further with Voodoo 13 USA billet aluminum parts and their solid subframe mounts. The front end features a set of custom boxed and lengthened S14 lower control arms with Voodoo 13 billet tension rods and outer tie rod ends. The inner tie rods are Tein parts with a rack spacer to get more steering angle. Fortune Auto Dreadnought PRO 2-Way coil-overs have Swift Racing springs installed front and rear. Brody Goble S14 240sx 427 LSX Pro2 Formula Drift
Under those Fikse 3-piece custom wheels are a set of Wilwood brakes. Six-piston front calipers are matched to dual four-piston rear calipers. The second set of rear calipers are controlled by an ASD hydraulic handbrake while the Wilwood reverse-hung pedal box controls the foot brake and clutch. Brody Goble S14 240sx 427 LSX Pro2 Formula Drift
The body is a conversion from the S14 to S15 to the front and rear. The S15 is a version of the 240SX we didn’t get here and was known as the 200SX in Australia and Europe and as the Silvia most everywhere else. It’s a cosmetic change that doesn’t affect the performance of the car, but fan boys fawn over this stuff. This “S15” has been endowed a Rocket Bunny bodykit allowing those Fikse wheels to fit under the panels. Brody Goble S14 240sx 427 LSX Pro2 Formula Drift
A Seibon carbon fiber hood and trunk are held in by a set of Aero Catch latches. Lexan replaces the windshield, quarter windows, and the rear window. The livery was designed by AWS Graphics, while the body was painted and fitted by Rayco Autobody. The vinyl was wrapped by SBC Graphics and it makes for a stunning car. Brody Goble S14 240sx 427 LSX Pro2 Formula Drift

Why is a 240sx being shown on LS1tech?

Check out the picture above, if you hadn’t already put two-and-two together. The engine itself is rather unbelievable when you consider what this car does. It produces 895-wheel-horsepower at 8psi of boost from the Vortech V-7 YSI supercharger. The V8 is a LS-based RHS 427 cubic-inch block built by Richmond Racing Engines in Surrey, British Columbia, Canada. Inside is a SCAT Industries 4-inch crankshaft connected to Manley H-Beam rods which rotate the CP Bullet pistons. Under the crank is an AVIAID four-stage LS-D dry sump system, which is important during high-G cornering. Brody Goble S14 240sx 427 LSX Pro2 Formula Drift

Break it down for us: what’s inside that 427 LSX?

The heads are CNC LSX-R six-bolt heads attached by ARP head studs to the RHS block. The custom grind COMP cam lobes push on the lifters to a set of Manley pushrods and JESEL PRO rockers. All of that goodness is covered by a set of Mickey Williams billet valve covers. The mega motor is fed by Ignite Red 114 ethanol from the Injector Dynamics ID1700X injectors mounted on a Holley High Ram intake. That supercharged air feeds into a Frankenstein Speed and Custom front mount intercooler that then feeds into a Holley 105mm throttle body. The get all that used up air and fuel out of the engine, Holley 1-7/8-inch headers exit into a Vibrant Performance custom Tig welded oval exhaust system. Got all that? Brody Goble S14 240sx 427 LSX Pro2 Formula Drift
The rear-mounted C&R Racing radiator is fed by a Meziere electric water pump. Air doesn’t always flow straight through so a pair of SPAL twelve-inch fans assist to make sure the engine doesn’t overheat while in staging or in mid-drift. Everything is controlled by a Link Thunder G4+ ECU with a custom MILSPEC wiring harness. Information is relayed to Brody by a MoTeC CDL3 datalogging dash display. Brody Goble S14 240sx 427 LSX Pro2 Formula Drift
Inside the office is a Formula Drift-specified roll cage with a pair of TAKATA FIA racing seats with their six-point camlock belts. An OMP fire suppression system puts out any fires that may occur, but the Andres Gears shift lever has a Nomex FIA shift boot with custom surround. The dashboard is custom wrapped with Alcantara and custom stitching. Brody Goble S14 240sx 427 LSX Pro2 Formula Drift
With 895-wheel-horsepower, you need a transmission that can handle that power and take the beating a drift car can dish out. That is a TEX SR-1 four-speed dogbox with upgraded Andrews Gears. A McLeod Magforce multidisc clutch takes the slams from their Hydraulic release bearing during clutch kicks under the Quicktime SFI Bellhousing. This all leads down from a Driveshaft Shop aluminum driveshaft to a Winters Performance quick change differential with custom GM 29-spline IRS axles, also from the Driveshaft Shop. Brody Goble S14 240sx 427 LSX Pro2 Formula Drift
After reading all of that, it’s amazing to think that it’s possible to even keep the tread on those tires for more than a lap. It’s even more amazing to think that this is considered a Pro2 build. Honestly, that’s where it’s getting to in that category in Formula Drift and ProAm isn’t too far behind. However, even many Pro cars don’t make much more than this and we’re not seeing the 1200-horsepower monsters we had just a few years ago, for better or worse. It’s amazing to see these high-power LS’ take the beating they do in drifting. It really shows that GM made an astonishing engine from the factory with minor improvements from the aftermarket.

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