Cadillac STS-V Flexes its Northstar Muscles

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This supercharged Cadillac was the first of several incredible luxury-performance sedans from GM.

Let’s talk about the oft-forgotten Cadillac STS-V. This big body Caddy was made from 2005-2009, where it was essentially replaced by the gen two CTS-V. The STS-V didn’t come with LS power. No, it instead used a supercharged version of the 4.4-liter Northstar V8 making 469 horsepower and 439 lb-ft of torque. Yup, this was the first modern supercharged Cadillac sports sedan. Due to the short production run, and somewhat obscure name cognition, the STS-V flies under the radar for many enthusiasts. Oh, and they are cheap. Like, $10-15,000 will buy a nice daily driver-ready STS-V.

That brings us to this burnout video comes to us from the jairomvp YouTube channel. It features a Cadillac STS-V with a few upgrades doing a big, nasty burnout. We don’t hear about the STS-V much these days with the likes of the 640-horsepower CTS-V serving as GM’s super-sedan, but this short clip reminds us that STS led to an incredible performance variant of its own. And once modified, the STS-V is very happy to decimate its rear tires on command.

STS-V Burnout

This particular Cadillac STS-V might be making even more power, as it has a full MagnaFlow exhaust system and gutted cats. It might have a tune as well, which would allow the engine to make gobs more power, but in any case, it is making close to 500 horsepower and it sounds great doing so.

The Burnout

The video begins with the STS-V sitting on what is clearly a heavily-used burnout pad. The driver rolls into the throttle and the car lurches forward, but within seconds, the car comes to rest as smoke pours from the rear wheels. As the aftermarket exhaust helps the Northstar V8 scream, we can hear the supercharger whine and the combination of the two sounds adds to the fun of this smoky burnout.

After smoking the tires in place for about 20 seconds, the driver begins to let the Caddy move around the burnout pad, keeping the tires smoking and the cloud growing as the blown V8 roars.

Crank up your speakers and enjoy!

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