Drag Race: Corvette Battles Corvette, 900 WHP Hellcat and a Boosted Honda

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Hellcat turns heckkitten when confronted with glorious LS7 power.

This highway roll race action comes to us from the KFCOrBust YouTube channel. If that name sounds familiar, it should, as we have covered their channel before. Like, a lot. It also helps that KFCOrBust is an LS1tech forum member who posts about their adventures in the Kill Stories sub-forum. This particular video features a pair of C6 Corvette Z06s participating in a few high-speed highway runs. While these aren’t drag races by the traditional, quarter-mile sense, this video offers a series of great racing action with LS power.

Corvette Z06 Highway Duel

The Competitors

This video features five different performance cars in action on and unknown stretch of highway, including a two C6Zs, a Dodge Charger SRT Hellcat, a Cadillac CTS-V and a Honda S2000. We don’t have any details on the Caddy, but we know that both ‘Vettes have head work, aftermarket camshafts and intake upgrades, while the Honda is turbocharged and the Hellcat is built to the tune of 900 wheel horsepower.

The Action

The first two races in the video above show the two Z06s going head-to-head. In each of those runs, the black C6 slowly inches away from the silver C6, taking narrow wins in both races.

Next, the Hellcat Charger soundly pummels the Cadillac CTS-V before taking on the silver Corvette. After the Z06 gets out to a small lead, the Charger tries to reel him in, but when the Vette driver lifts, he is still clearly ahead of the big Dodge. We don’t see the Hellcat run the black Z06, but considering that the black C6 beat the silver C6 and the silver C6 beat the Charger, it seems likely that the black LS7-powered sports car would have beaten the supercharged Mopar even worse.

Finally, the “bonus clip” showcases the silver C6 Corvette Z06 against a turbocharged S2000. We don’t know what all is done to the little Honda, but it must be making some serious power to hand the ‘Vette such a horrendous beating.

Crank up your speakers and enjoy!

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