Camaro Wishes Mustang a Happy Birthday in the Best Way Possible

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Camaro Happy Birthday Mustang

Chevrolet extends happy birthday to Mustang with message for the little pony.

It’s a rivalry that stretches back for decades. Yet, there’s a mutual respect for the two best-selling pony cars that American factories have pumped out. April 17th was national Ford Mustang Day, marking the debut of Ford’s revered Mustang. Chevrolet decided to send the Mustang a happy birthday, but still felt it necessary to give the Mustang a little poke in the eye. After all, what’s wrong with a little friendly rivalry? Chevrolet of Arabia taps into the long-standing rivalry for a bit of tasteful fun.

A Mustang logo-shaped cake with “54” candles on top is Chevrolet’s gift to Ford, but a Camaro fly by blows out the candles. “Happy birthday little pony” ends the video, titled “We don’t just bring the thunder. We steal it, too.” Short, sweet, and very much to the point.

Bringing The Thunder

We don’t just bring the thunder. We steal it, too.
#Camaro ❤ #Mustang54

Posted by Chevrolet on Monday, April 16, 2018


Comments on the video are great, and highlight the rivalry between Mustang and Camaro owners. Surprisingly, the most amount of love and respect comes from Mustang drivers. Austin S, said, “As a Mustang owner I love this video. This is the most classic love-hate relationship while also being respectable. Chevrolet just won my respect. 👍 looking forward to more years of endless competition with my Chevy friends!” Paul M. continues, “As a mustang owner I appreciate this. I love our rivalry.” On the other side, Robert B. suggests we keep our pride in check saying, “Enjoy your cake Chevrolet. The GT500 will be here very soon.”

We’ll be ready for the GT500, Ford. Because the Camaro has four letters that will make any Mustang think twice. C.O.P.O.

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